In new York in December will be held the Week of Russian cinema

December 8 in new York kicks off a Week of Russian cinema, and to last it until December 14. This festival is held for the first time and it is expect to show only 15 paintings by Russian film companies. Most of these works on the American market not previously represented, but because the screening during the festival will be a premiere for them. This was told by Maria Shklover, producer and President of the Foundation “Festival. The cherry orchard.”

Organization of the Week of Russian cinema was engaged in Alexey Uchitel, a well-known Russian film Director and film company “the Rock”, the Director-General which he is. Because event of this kind held in new York will be the first time, there is a certain excitement, but all hope that the festival will be interesting and will attract a lot of guests. The organizers of the event expect that the screening of Russian films will be interesting not only for Russian-speaking new Yorkers, and other citizens of the United States of America. In total, the program has decided to include 15 films, many of which have not been shown in this country. Among the selected paintings included two animated films and one documentary.

The festival is scheduled for December 8th. To the festival was interesting to all, the program was developed taking into account the people of different ages. The young audience will take part in a show called “Fixies. The big secret”, which fixies will play with the audience and giving them gifts. To complete the section for children a cartoon show about these creatures.

For an adult audience planned on the opening day of the festival the screening of the film “the Tone of Big Odessa”. This documentary history, which was created by journalist Susanna Alperina. The festival decided to open the film “purpose” of the Director Avdotya Smirnova, which is its screenwriter. This film decided to show first, as the topic associated with the famous Russian writer L. N. Fat has always interested Americans.

The organizers of the festival said that he had selected for screening at the festival the films that are being actively discussed. For American viewers they may be attractive not only for its content, but also bright colors, beautiful costumes, interesting art techniques. The event will be showing more of these films as “Anna Karenina. The story of Vronsky’s” Director Karen Shakhnazarov, “the Christmas Tree. Latest”, “Hoffmanniana”, “Sobibor”, and others.