In Moscow opened kinokuniya store

At the club cinema “Zvezda” joint efforts of the magazine “cinema Art” and Moschino opened a bookshop specializing in the literature about the movie

The store, occupying the foyer of one of the oldest in Moscow cinemas, books about famous filmmakers, from Tonino Guerra and Andrei Tarkovsky to Alexei Balabanov and Derek Jarman, tutorials, screenwriting, film history and, of course, a full set of the magazine “cinema Art”. Magazine editor in chief, inspirer of the project Anton Dolin answered a few questions about the “Year of Literature”.

What is your role at the store?
Anton Dolin: I’m at the store, no one at all. I’m the chief editor of [“the Art of cinema”] and we as a magazine initiated and invented, along with Moschino, which is the owner of this site, a store, their space, our concept and range, and together, we for the benefit of the audience of cinema and the journal’s readers did. That is such a collaboration, I think is absolutely beautiful, invented for the benefit of the cinema.

The benefit of the cinema — is itself, and what is the entity shop? He there alone or with someone?
Anton Dolin: Legally everything belongs to Moschino.

Here not only sold the magazine “cinema Art”, but also sells books of publishing houses “Eksmo” Ad Marginem, “Melikhovo” in General, everything that relates to the movie. This is your principle? All of you, the movie will present?

Anton Dolin: Yes, of course. Very few in Russia, publishes books and magazines about the movie. Much less than in many European countries or in America. It’s a shame really. And books about cinema in the largest book stores are always on some of the most distant shelves. We started to fix it and decided it would be a specialty store texts about it.

How about novels with kinoonline?
Anton Dolin: in General, we think about it too, but it definitely will not be a priority, but only when there is a new movie. Will the new film adaptation of “Anna Karenina”, we thematically order “Anna Karenina” and we are here to sell. This does not mean that we will enjoy “Anna Karenina,” with a cover with the cast from this new film. Just “Anna Karenina,” we will sell at the most lovely of its kind.

Are you thinking about getting themselves to act as the producer of the translation, to order to the authors of the original books?
Anton Dolin: I personally do Not, and our magazine. Of course, we open our publishing line, but it will happen a little later, about a month. Then talk about all the plans.