In Kaluga showed a contemporary of Turgenev

According to the TV channel GTRK “Kaluga” yesterday at the Museum of history of cosmonautics in Kaluga held a screening of the TV version of the play “Turgenev. Today!”, which is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the great Russian classics, which is celebrated this year.

The performance includes several plays, showing the main episodes of life that influenced the personality and creativity of the writer. Performances built on memoirs, letters, and documents of the writer, his family, friends, colleagues, and contemporaries associated with the Kaluga mentions of places writer.

As quoted by the TV channel head of the Department of the state Museum of the history of cosmonautics Elena Cousin: “Since the works of Turgenev was written in the Kaluga region and the Kaluga about nature and partly about the Kaluga people, we decided to join this action. Today the Museum is open late. We decided to show those visitors who will be interested in this show “Turgenev. Today!”.

The show was organized in the framework of the project “Theatrical Russia” acquainting the public of the Russian cities with the best theatrical productions of the theatres of Moscow and Saint Petersburg in the live broadcast and recording.

Before that he wrote about creation in the Kaluga region tourist route “the home of the Polecat and Kalinich” as near Kaluga – Seleznevo in the village of Dzerzhinsky district was once the ancestral estate of Turgenev. I believe that the writer who came here to relatives, described the inhabitants Selezneva in his famous novel “Rudin”.