In Israel the Days of the Russian cinema new film Avdotya Smirnova

In Israel are the days of the Russian cinema. To open this event have been chosen the picture called “the Story of a destination”, created by Avdotya Smirnova. It’s a tragic story about events in which he participated to Leo Tolstoy.

During the press-conference the floor was taken by Polina Zueva, producer of “Kinotavr”, as well as the organizer of the Days of Russian cinema. During her speech, she said that the whole team is delighted to be back in the theatre “Gesher” to see the Israeli audience, responsive and appreciative.

From Israel the head of the project Days of Russian films Lena Kreindlin. She recalled that the theater “Gesher” for seven years working with the Commonwealth “Kinotavr”. Every time Moscow partners bring to Israel the new Russian cinema.

The event is short and takes only three days. Despite the short duration, it is filled with events. These days in tel Aviv is the fashion show of the latest films created in the Russian Federation. Some of these films earlier, has already been on various shows and even get prestigious awards and appreciation.

The program of the days of Russian cinema is quite extensive and it is designed for different audiences. To a mass audience of special interest is the so-called popular films. During the event, will be showing Arthouse films. This time in this category will show the picture with the title “Heart of peace”, which in the current 2018 at the film festival “Kinotavr” to win the main prize. Performance in the same event in different directions of cinema helps to introduce a foreign audience with the modern trends in Russian cinema and download, as well as to attract a maximum of viewers with different preferences.

Natalia meshchaniniv, who worked on the movie “Heart of peace” first came to Israel. She noted that it is very important to know how will consider its work to the local audience. During the Days of Russian cinema are not only film screenings, there is still time and to communicate with the audience that allows the Director to read, as was his next creation, how the audience was able to understand the idea of the Director. The closing event is scheduled for November 4th.