In hire leaves “the Girl who got stuck in the web”

In hire leaves long-awaited film “the Girl who got stuck in the web”. Remember the first part, “the Girl with the dragon tattoo”? Now, another actress, the Director is new and the basis for the story was not written by Stieg Larsson, who died in 2004.

If you’re going to the premiere, here’s what you should know.

Series by Swedish writer Stieg Larsson about a journalist Mikael Blomkvist and hacker Lisbeth Salander included three books: “the Girl with the dragon tattoo” “the Girl who played with fire” and “the Girl who blew up castles in the air”. Trilogy fully (and quite successfully!) filmed in Sweden in 2009. the Budget was quite modest, but the movies had their own charm and sophisticated style, and their audience has appreciated. The role of Lisbeth then sang the Swedish noomi Rapace.

In 2011 for the adaptation of the popular books come from Hollywood. In the Director’s chair was David Fincher, who managed to give the film a dark Gothic atmosphere that all too much. Blomkvist, played by Daniel Craig, and Lisbeth is delicate and a little alien Rooney Mara. Despite good reviews, the film in world hire of not exceeding $ 232 million. With a budget of nearly 100 million the result is not the most brilliant, therefore, the shooting of the sequel to frozen.

Several years later, the production company, Sony decided to restart the project. So it was that when Stieg Larsson died, he picked up colleague journalist David Lagercrantz, who created the story. It is for his book “the Girl who got stuck in the web” and shot the movie.

The plot is largely devoted to the past of Lisbeth Salander. She faces a group of hackers and meets with my own sister – and this is not the most pleasant. The Blomkvist, too: it is criticized for lack of professionalism and frankly etched. The life of Lisbeth and Mikael cross again, to shed light on the key murder.

Lisbeth in this film, played by Claire Foy, and the role of Blomkvist given to the Swede Sverrir Gudnason (pictured). How the actors coped well with their characters? We’ll see. The audience is promised a traditional Swedish Noir, a complex relationship of heroes and the new version of dragon tattoo on the body beauty Salander. Fans will certainly appreciate!