In hire leaves a film “to Be Astrid Lindgren”

In hire leaves “to Be Astrid Lindgren’s” optimistic and at the same time tearing the soul of the film Pernille Fischer Christensen about one of the most tragic episodes in the life of Astrid Lindgren.

Many people know and love Carlson and Pippi Longstocking, but not everyone is familiar with the details of the biography of the most famous Swedish storyteller. At a young age Astrid became pregnant without being married, and was forced for a time to send his son to a foster family to hush up the scandal, and also have the opportunity to work. Although the writer lived this period with her characteristic determination and militant optimism, subsequently she admitted that the time away from her son was for her the most difficult in my life – the boy had been ill and suffered without a mother, and she was gone from him after a brief tryst.

This story, described in a newspaper article I read Pernille Fischer Christensen, and inspired the Director to create a film script “to Be Astrid Lindgren”. The work was easy, dramatic and full of hope. Every movie character I sympathize with, but especially my heart aches for the young and the stubbornly optimistic writer. However, the story not so much about creativity (in a difficult situation affects girls of all professions and classes), and about a mother’s love.

The role of a young Astrid in the film played unbearably adorable Alba August. The film was shot with many small but nice details (for example, on the work of Lindgren found a man named Carlson) and should appeal to all lovers of leisurely European cinema and, of course, fans of the writer. And if you are interested in the details of this story and other facts about the life of Astrid, we recommend the biography “This day is the life”, Jens Andersen.