In GDB called the best of the best children’s books

In GDB at the press conference of the V-th all-Russian festival of children’s books, brought together 40 publishers-participants from all over Russia, first announced books-laureates of the festival. Of the best books for children and teenagers who appeared in the previous and current years were selected the best.

The festival Director, writer Yuri Nechiporenko been told about the main innovations of this year’s festival – Award books-laureates of the festival. He said: “We asked publishers to send us the list of candidates (books for 2017-2018) the title of the book-winner. Of them we have compiled a long list of 70 books, of which the professional jury – criticism of children’s literature – chose the best of the best.” Winners were:

Nomination “Grand-Master”:
Marina Boroditskaya with a collection of poems, “Auntie Moon”

Nomination “a tale”:
Maria Boteva from the book “the lighthouse – look!”

Nomination “Brush and pen”:
Stanislav Vostokov and Nikolai Ustinov in a collection of short stories “Cow rod”

Nominated for “Book series”:
Arthur Givargizov for the preparation of the book series “City of masters” and “colorful square” and the storybook “Where is our grandfather?”.
And diplomas awarded to Galina for her Uncle’s collection of poems “Here come I in a fur coat” and Pavel Kalmykov for his novel “a Veteran of the battle of Kulikovo, or in Transit contemporary”.

Nomination “Choice of experts”:
Nina Dashevskaya for the novel “Day of PI”

Nomination “Future book”:
Alexander Dorofeev for the book “Wandering the garden”

Nomination “Almost grown”:
Ksenia Dragunskaya for the book “Angels and pioneers”

Nomination “artist’s Book”:
Igor Oleynikov for the book “tower: author’s version”

Nomination “Discovery”:
Maria Pasternak for historical novel “the Gold Hrivna”

Nomination “the World from all sides: a cognitive reading”:
Olga posukh for the book “Microsphere. The most tenacious”

Nomination “Revival of traditions of educational literature”:
Alla Nasonova for a science-art book “I Want to know everything – 2018”

All books can be seen at the festival, presented at speciestable and the stands of the publishers, except for the “Wandering garden,” Alexander Dorofeyev who has not yet found its publisher.

Entrance to the all-Russian festival of children’s books RGDB – free.