In city libraries there were no books about love “outside of marriage”

Authorities once again took the books under the pretext that the proposed restrictions are not censorship, but “understanding the situation” prevailing in our time. Another initiative was organized by the Department of culture of Moscow. Light on the situation spilled the initiator of the proposal to shorten the lists procured by the library, the head of the mentioned Department. According to him, citizens need to develop “a correct literary taste.”

Questionable literature officials mean books about love outside of marriage, drugs, suicide and many other things. Representatives of some libraries complained that without such books in the libraries at all to stop walking, to which the Department of culture said that will be enough, and one man, but let him come to read Dostoevsky.

Overall nothing surprising about the desire of the Department to deal with low-grade literature – no. However, the number of prohibited books (prohibited for purchase by Metropolitan libraries) can access the works by many foreign classics of the XX and XIX centuries.

The head of Department of cultural and youth policy on yuao Tatiana Krasnova criticized such books as “Naked lunch” by William Burroughs and a children’s book “Pretending to be dead” Stefan Casta. In addition, all officials are expressing concern about the growing interest in the literature of the Third Reich.

As special cases of officials called dissatisfaction with the purchase of historical literature. Resentment, for example, was the fact that books on Napoleon have bought more than 100 copies, and books about Kutuzov only 20. This, according to the power to hold, has a negative impact on “Patriotic education”.