In Bulgaria opened an exhibition confiscated from “black archeologists” artifacts

In Sofia on 6 November opened the exhibition called “the Saved treasures of Bulgaria”. The peculiarity of this exhibition is that it included only items which were confiscated by the Bulgarian special services in the so-called black archeologists and smugglers.

Lyudmil vagalinski, who served as Director of the archaeological Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, talked with representatives of news publications. He said that in recent years a huge number of places with illegal archaeological excavations, and the number of employees on people up to 30 thousand people, that number is compared to the size of the army of Bulgaria. It was noted that to withdraw and leave within a country is possible only to a small number of valuable exhibits. Many objects have long been taken out of the country, lost forever.

On the now opened in Sofia the exhibition of about three hundred exhibits. The meaning of its holding is not to show cultural sites and to show the public the cultural values that regularly and in large enough quantities exported outside the state.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by iliyana Yotova occupying the position of Vice President of Bulgaria. She said that in such objects that find smugglers and smuggling smugglers, to store the history of the country. It is a valuable historical exhibits, which should not become the subject of the sale. Each exported historical discovery turns into a white stain in the history of Bulgaria. Almost all the objects presented at the exhibition “the Saved treasures of Bulgaria”, unknown where found, and this means that they have lost part of their value, as there was no biography.

Mladen Marinov, head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Bulgaria, said that the police are very serious about saving historical values, but it not everywhere and not always timely because of the proliferation of criminal activities. All involved in the production of historical objects and their exported outside Bulgaria are carefully hidden, and to identify these criminals is extremely difficult. And yet the police are actively working. For example, just a few days before the opening of the exhibition was conducted a special operation to prevent the export of 3,6 thousands of valuable artifacts.