How to view the history of instagram anonymous

Joyful events you always want to share with your friends and family. And a great opportunity to do it is photos, now the camera in the pocket of almost everyone. And to show pictures of all your family and friends, even those who for some reason is very far, the easiest way today through various social networks or services. Especially for those who prefer words to pictures even created special tools – Instagram.

But there is one thing – Instagram captures all network users who were interested in particular pictures. The owner of the picture can always view the history and see who was interested in his life. Here only the visitors don’t always want to know about them, and therefore are looking for whether it is possible somehow to hide your presence on Instagram? There is such a possibility and provides it a specialized service, which is called Gramster.Ru.

There are different reasons why one person may be interested in the life of another and to have the desire to see his personal photos, but many would like to do it incognito. In that case, it is important not to leave your mark in history, what’s and helps

Gramster allows you to view photos of all users in Instagram absolutely anonymously. To use this feature, maybe even a person who does not have their own pages on the network or does not want to spend time on the authorization. It’s simple. All that is needed to go to the website and select browsing history. On the new page remains only in the special field to insert a link to some Instagram profile or specify the nickname of a man whose story is the desire to meet you. After you start browsing stories, you can watch pictures and videos of interest to man, not afraid to leave marks in history. History can be viewed through the browser in full screen mode.

It should be clarified that the service not in all cases helps to anonymously browse pictures network Instagram. Fail to use it to view pages, which is closed. The only way in this case to access the ribbon and the user – log with your account and ask for a friend.

The service is anonymous browsing appeared relatively recently, but his services are in demand. It not only helps to hide the traces of visiting other people’s pages, and allows you to download video with photos, zoom in and download avatars.