How to prepare for the New year. Ideas of good books

New year is approaching and it is time to charge the appropriate mood. If at heart Frank Sinatra even sings Let it Snow, take a look at our gallery – we have collected for you a few win-win new year’s tips from good books.

Favorite book characters know how to celebrate the holiday: they decorate the Christmas tree under the cover of night, drink butterbeer, make waffles and go to bed at the right time. Get inspired!

To collect the first aid kit first aid hygge-aid recipe Mike the Viking

Hygge – Nordic concept of comfort and warm atmosphere, talking about this word known to all who read the book Mike the Viking about “the Secret to Danish happiness.” In the same book, Viking (what a name!) advises to have a first aid kit first aid hygge-aid, which will come in handy if the Christmas mood yet, and really want.

Here’s what you can put:

• candles;

• some high-quality tasty chocolate;

• favorite tea (e.g. Rooibos);

• favorite book – the one that makes you smile;

• favorite movie or TV show;

• a jar of homemade jam;

• pair of wool socks;

• several letters from good friends and loved ones.

• warm sweater;

• Notepad and pen to, for example, to write a list of what pleases you;

• playlist of pleasant music.


To make waffles from the “Waffle heart”

In the touching book “Waffle heart”, whose Creator Mary Parr has been dubbed “the new Astrid Lindgren” found delicious waffles from the Women-Aunt. But if there is something that absolutely will charge the holiday mood, it is the smell of homemade sweets, sprawling across the apartment.

Here is the recipe for these waffles:

• 1 Cup flour

• 3 eggs

• 150-200 g butter

• 1 Cup sugar

• 1 Cup milk

Whisk eggs with sugar, add melted butter, milk and last the flour. Mix well. You should get a homogeneous mass without lumps. Bake the waffles for 2-3 minutes until they become Golden.

To arrange Marzipan a holiday, as in “Proceduren”

The new year is, of course, the most important holiday, but who said that the first of January, the magic have to end? Plan on a long vacation with another event – e.g., a Marzipan feast, like the story Proceduren.

On this occasion a lot of marzipan (or other sweets), and all my friends are going and encouraging each other with poems, songs and other rooms (Duckling from “Proceduren”, as we remember, showed Focus with the Disappearance). If you call all the friends kids, you may have a cozy holiday in the tradition of ancient trees. And if you invite artistic friends, will be funny and memorable house concert.



To stop being nervous. As Moomin

From Tove Jansson is a very short and funny story “Tree”, in which Moomin suddenly woke up in the middle of winter and was in the middle of the wild tumult is all around somewhere in a hurry, ran and tried to catch up. One of run past, panting, explained that Christmas is coming, but did not explain what it is. Moomin, of course, was horrified – soon there will be something terrible! To appease the unknown Christmas, they followed the example of others made him a ton of food, dressed up a Christmas tree, brought tears best things as gifts… So do not waiting, Moomin shrugged and slowly went to sleep.

This story is a great example of how sometimes wrongly perceived in the Western world the idea of the holidays. Worth reading this story aloud, stop at last to be nervous, to worry and rush… just to lie down to sleep side by side with someone close and warm.


To decorate the Christmas tree. Secretly! As in the book “Christmas and the red cardinal”

In the comfortable book Fannie Flagg “Christmas red cardinal and” secret benevolent society called “Peas” each year, under cover of night dressed giant cedar, standing on the main city square, like a Christmas tree. Was the name of the event is Shrouded in Mystery Fir.

You can be inspired by this idea and figure out how to surprise your household. Let’s say, Wake up, and the whole apartment is decorated with gold and silver tinsel. Or, if you spend a weekend in the country, all secretly decorate the tree and even the bushes will sparks – in the evening will be beautiful!


To drink butterbeer, as in the “Harry Potter”

In the “Harry Potter” Christmas break is always marked by a trip to the magical village of Hogsmeade, where you can relish some fun, and then go to the pub Three broomsticks and ask the smiling Madame Rosmerta good Cup of scalding and creamy beer. If the owl with invitation to Hogwarts to you doesn’t arrive, try to prepare this drink at home. The recipe can be.

Preheat a good English ale with ground cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Separately, beat 5 egg yolks with 200 grams of brown sugar. Pour in the egg yolks slightly warmed ale, shake vigorously and return the mixture to the pot of hot ale. Good warm up, stirring vigorously. Remove from heat, add a few cubes of unsalted butter and again whisk well with a whisk.

Drink it while it’s hot!


To do good, as in “Six stones to happiness”

New year and Christmas – the time to become a little kinder and to listen to the needs of others. The hero of the book of Kevin Alan Milne “Six stones to happiness” every day, leaving the house, pockets the 6 stones as a reminder of their duty to do good things. Did 1 good deed, place the pebble in the other pocket. How many pebbles will move in a day?

What if we use his idea and promise yourself to do at least 6 good deeds till the end of the year? Decide for yourself what it is: you can give unwanted items to social services, write a good card old man in a nursing home, to buy a gift for an orphan or bring soup to a sick friend. You’ll see, my heart immediately became lighter and cleaner.