How not to get lost in the “Italian prospectus”

Tomorrow will hospitably open its doors to non/fictio№20, and this year the honorary guest will be Sunny Italy. For Muscovites and guests of the capital at the time of the book forum will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with this southern country, while not leaving the city.

The Italian side prepared many interesting activities that will help you learn more about the temperamental Italians to get acquainted with the literature of Italy. Perhaps for the first time the guest of honor fairs are so full and rich, since the choice of forum visitors are not presented separate meetings with writers, and a number of interesting events. But the program itself is called the “Italian prospectus”.

“Literature news” already wrote about the exhibitions – “Naples through the eyes of Elena Ferrante,” which opens tomorrow at 17:00 and will run all days of the fair, where 40 photographs of Naples will hold us all over town, showing the places where the unfolding plot of the popular “Neapolitan Quartet” and the best children’s illustrations from the Bologna – 60 works of 18 Italian illustrators will show how varied the design of children’s books.

28 Nov

18.00-19.00 in the author’s room on the 2nd floor. in a hall No. 15, a former MP and winner of the 2011 Strega prize, the writer Edoardo Nesi tell us about the Italians, and will help him in this process, the Director of the Italian Institute of culture in Moscow, Olga Strada.

19.00-20.00 there will continue the theme of exploring Italy through its cuisine, “chef on the border” and a member of the jury of MasterChef Italia – Anthony Klugman.

29 Nov

17.00-18.00 in the seminar zone №1 on the 2nd floor. in the hall №8 the subject of exploring the sea countries will develop Beppe Severgnini passed by the Italian coast 4500 miles and wrote “The long promenade” – a report about their trip which was published the magazine Sette.

18.00-19.00 there is the new star of detective novels in the genre of “Noir” Sandrone, Dazieri invites readers to the detective tour “Rome – Milan”.

30 Nov

17.00-18.00 literary café on the 2nd floor. in room No. 13 about the writer’s inspiration the visitors will be told the winner of the award Campiello 2018 Rosella, Postorino and popular Russian writer Guzel Yakhina.

19.00-20.00 there’s also about capturing history talk one of the leading experts on Russian photography, winner of Strega 2018 Helena Janeczek and the Director of the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum Olga Sviblova.

1 Dec

14.00 in the hall of the DNA Director of the Bologna children’s book fair Helena Pasali will tell you how text is born from the illustration and Vice versa, as well as meet the stars of children’s illustration.

15.00 in the seminar zone №1 on the 2nd floor. in hall 13 talking about children’s illustration will continue to the famous Italian author and Illustrator Antonio “Swalco” Vincenti.

2 Dec

12.00-13.00 on the Playground “Territory of knowledge” on the 3rd floor. in hall 26, the winner of the Strega prize Ragazze e Ragazzi 2018 Paola Zannoni speculate with the children’s writer Irina Zakharova about dreams generation 2000s about the future.

13.00-14.00 there’s a conversation about the conversation about literature for the younger generation will continue the winner of many awards, including the Bagutta Opera Prima and The Bridge Book Award, writer Nadia Terranova and popular children’s writer Oleg Roy.

16.00-17.00 in the seminar zone №1 on the 2nd floor. in the hall No. 8 writers Matteo Strukul and Fulvio Hervas will reveal the Florentine Medici and the Venetian intrigue the adventures of Casanova.