How not to get lost, choosing a new book

Lovers of books will never be able to stop. Read one, will involuntarily reach for the next one. But how to make the right choice from the abundance of new works, which appear daily in bookstores? Give a few tips that will help you.

When I pick a book to read, you should always listen to yourself. He wants the soul to divert from the outside world and immersion in yourself? Detective, novel, fiction or fairy tale? The answer is not obvious. The nature of the reader depend on his preferences. Some of them only likes detectives, and someone is needed classic literature. But you should pay attention.

1. The adaptation of the books

Often the film is loosely based on the works of, transmit it in a shortened version. From the book selected by the most significant moments, stories can be invented or even skipped in scripts.

Completely different opinion formed about the work from people that have read the book. For example, often classics redone in a modern way that radically differs from the original. An example of such books are “Viy” by Gogol, “Dark alleys” Bunin, etc.

But if you have favourite films or TV shows – look, are they based on book source. Almost certainly it will not disappoint you.

2. Nobel laureates

Around Nobel prize for literature there is much debate and criticism of the jury. Not received the prize of the authors who have made a significant contribution to the literature, such as Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetaeva, Tolstoy, Herbert George wells.

Readers and viewers are often dissatisfied with the biased attitude of the authors. If their products are popular, most likely in the prize they will be denied.

In other words, only the reader can decide whether the work is his reward, or not.

3. Collections

Electronic and paper books convenient to choose through the online store. If the user has a favorite genre, it can do sort and select from the list the most interesting edition.

The majority of resources create a special collection of books. For example, at “Chitay-Gorod” there is a sort by new and popular publications. If you decide to buy the paper version of the book, you can use the promo code. On the site they usually do not lay, for this purpose, there are certain online resources.

Best promotion code “Read-city” can be found on the website Kodobi. The list is under “Shops”. There is a lot of promotional codes to obtain discounts at other companies.

Attention! There is another way to save through the site Kodobi. After you click “Get discount” at the bottom of the window you will see button “Get”. Clicking on it, user goes to the site Cashbe. If you activate cashback and place an order, some time will return a percentage of purchases on account of the site in your account.

4. Book critic

Knigomania often leave their Network. After reading their reviews, you can easily decide whether the book the reader’s attention.

If the tastes and interests of the user and the critic are the same, most likely, a book addiction, too, is the same.

For reference! The reader is given the right to examine a piece of writing or annotation. Fragments are usually published for electronic publications. If liked, it is safe to order a product over the Internet.

5. Book contests

For a start the reader should choose a favorite genre. Probably it hosts major competitions and to award prizes. Reading the news, you can see what prizes were given to the authors. Perhaps, among their labors will find something interesting and informative.

6. Decide to experiment

Usually this is what people do in the beginning of the year. On a sheet of paper write the names of the 150-200 books that I would like to read within 12 months. Each book is assigned a number. To start the list in order or by choosing random numbers as the lottery. Works can be of different genres and volumes. This list can be replenished endlessly. And by the end of the year really count how many books I read. Exciting activity will delay after reading the fifth or sixth piece.


There’s nothing worse than an aversion to the book and the author. Sorry wasted time and money, if the writer is not paying enough attention to the elaboration of the plot, the sentence structure and even grammar. Quality text conveys his attitude to the reader, so it is very important before purchasing carefully examine the information about the author and his works.

Eventually there will be a reader’s intuition, which rarely fails. Sloppy and uninteresting creations are eliminated automatically after reading the abstract and even the title.

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