He writes Orwell

In the media center, “RG” biggest expert on the works of George Orwell and one of the first translators of the novel “1984” and the parable “Animal farm” on Russian language of the Russian Nedoshivin presented his new book “George Orwell. Impregnable soul.” In 2018, marks 115 years since the birth of the British is a good reason for the release of a book about him.

The personality of George Orwell, or Eric Arthur Blair, was one of the biggest myths of the twentieth century, and until now, researchers of creativity of the writer solve his mystery. One of the mysteries, which formed the basis of the book, Orwell began relations with the Soviet Union, where the writer’s work was banned almost half a century: for reading, storing or distribution of his last two books, “walking” in samizdat, was threatened with prison for a period of seven years.

Orwell left a lot of predictions that have come true so far

Vyacheslav Nedoshivin shared as Orwell – in Soviet times – appeared in his life. “In 1969 I was taken to the St. Petersburg newspaper Smena, where I met Mark Markin. He gave me half-blind to read the manuscript of the novel “1984”. Locked in the Cabinet in the wording by inserting a pencil in the phone disk to the KGB was eavesdropping on our conversation, we were terrible at the time, the Parallels between the regime in our country and a fictional government in the novel of Orwell,” said the author. The translation of the novel “1984” it started by accident – wanted to translate the book for his supervisor Hasan Huseynov, that he understood what his student is writing a thesis.

Orwell was associated with the Soviet Union more closely than it seems at first glance. Russia has long attracted the attention of writer – starting from work posudomoem in a Russian restaurant, Russian comrades in the civil war in Spain and love in a Russian woman, ending the correspondence with Soviet magazine “International literature” letters about the Soviet Union itself, and the image of Stalin, which became a prototype for “Big Brother”. He didn’t know the Russian language, but adored Dostoevsky.

“Nedoshivin is one of the closest to me authors, – shared his impressions about the book of Elena Shubina whose edition came out Tom. – We read all of his books about the Silver age, St. Petersburg. “1984” by George Orwell I read it in his translation. By the way, “1984” on the bestseller list for the last five years. Time itself is of interest to Orwell. Book Vyacheslav nedoshivina about the writer carefully prepared the philological study of written “brand” “negativism” language and reads like a novel”.

In the myth of Orwell is not so clear. The writer said that in the Soviet Union live the same people, as everywhere in the world, and refused to accept ironic comments about the “Homo Sovieticus”, but at the end of his life, he skillfully wrote denunciations of his colleagues, noting in a notebook the names of those who, in his opinion, adhered to Communist views and sympathized with the Communists. Among the “fellow travelers of communism”, published in the late 90-ies in the UK the list of Orwell – writer John Boynton Priestley, Director Orson Welles, who directed “Citizen Kane”, playwright George Bernard Shaw, and also often published in the USSR John Steinbeck.

The writer left a lot of predictions that have come true so far. To recall the witness for citizens of TVs from the novel “1984” and compare it with the way track information about the users of the social network. “Just came true another prediction: the emerged so-called Stockholm syndrome, when prisoners begin to love their tormentors. Scholar Victoria Chalikova once told me that it happens when the person the remaining one, still want someone to lean on, even if it is the executioner,” – said Vyacheslav Nedoshivin.

Recently, the demand for Orwell, not only increased in Russia. But the neologisms of “Big Brother,” “thought police,” “Newspeak” or the term “cold war”, which first appeared in the article Orwell “You and the atomic bomb” are part of everyday vocabulary. “Vyacheslav, Nedoshivin wrote a book about a man who has predetermined our existence. Today we live on the other side of Orwell,” said journalist Yuri Rost.

Many of the mysteries of the life and work of Orwell’s book reveals “Impregnable soul.” Author Vyacheslav Nedoshivin in an imaginary dialogue with his British counterpart, putting in the answers abstracts from the extensive journalism of George Orwell and erasing the framework of the future and the past, raises issues about death and freedom, But a lot in the writer’s biography and to this day, “the non-navigational uses”, said one of the British biographers. Why Orwell did not write a single short story, play or novel? As he realized that his twenty years “were” followed him as red, the British secret service? And why he is a renowned seer didn’t anticipate was how to pervert his ideas are sworn enemies of the writer in the West and the East?