Has announced the winners of the award “Parabola-2018”

According to the “” Cultural center of Andrei Voznesensky, an open spring on the Big Ordynka, October 26, held a press conference where you announced the names of winners of the V-th of the season award “Parabola” Fund of a name of Andrey Voznesensky.

In the year of 85th anniversary of the birth of Andrei Voznesensky: poet decided to award 3 major (the artist any kind of art) and 2 youth award. The names of the winners called the Chairman of the jury of the anniversary season – poet Yury kublanovsky.

The winners of the main award: a theater Director Yury Butusov, film Director Roman Zhigalov, poet Oleg Khlebnikov.

The winners of the youth award named: actor Philip Gourevitch and Moscow poet Ekaterina Sokolova.

This year the jury also awarded a grant to the architect Agnes Sterligova for the architectural concept of the exhibition space of the Cultural center of Andrei Voznesensky.

The winners will be awarded not only valuable prizes but also cash rewards. The winners of the main prize will get 10 thousand.e. winners of the youth award will be awarded to 5 thousand dollars.e. the recipient of the grant will receive 3 thousand.e. in the ruble equivalent.

In the jury of the “Parabola-2018” includes the writer Zoya Boguslavskaya (Chairman of the Foundation named after Andrey Voznesensky, the widow of the poet), film Director Vadim Abdrashitov, actress Alla Demidova, poet Yury kublanovsky, actor Oleg Menshikov, scholar Yelena Pasternak, composer Alexey Rybnikov, the poet and novelist Maria Stepanova.