Google made a Doodle to mark the 110th anniversary Nosov

In it, the writer pictured next to his main character — Dunno

November 23 marks 110 years since the birthday of children’s writer Nikolay Nosov who gave the world works on the dummy. The anniversary of the writer’s Russian branch Google prepared a special Doodle, which the author is depicted in the company of his famous hero.

Doodle done in the style of the first color illustrations for the stories of Nosova. The picture the writer and the dummy is in a fabulous city.

“Mixing fairy tales, fantasy and science fiction, Nikolay Nosov has created works for the children in a playful manner penetrate deeply in human nature,” reads the description to Doodle.

Nikola Nosov was born on 23 Nov 1908. Since childhood, fond of theatre, music, chess, and electrical engineering. Graduated from VGIK, for a long time he worked as the Director of the animated, scientific and educational films. Winner of the Stalin prize.

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