Google and “Soyuzmultfilm” invite to 3D-online reading fairy tales

10 Dec Google “Soyuzmultfilm” and “Beeline” will hold a literary reading of fairy tales. The project “young and old” will be the fourth “reading” for Russian Google

To take part in the qualifying round can be anyone. Finalists selected by the jury of the project, will invite 10 Dec equipped in six cities of Russia Studio. The studios, located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok, the project participants will be able to read my text live. In addition to readings at the sites expected holiday and fun, because storytelling should not be boring, the organizers of the project. As the experience of previous events, read people come families with children. Of course, this time, reciters and storytellers can become the youngest lovers of fairy tales who will be able to exhibit both solo and together with parents and friends.

“Tales are an integral part of Russian culture, fully disclosing the identity of our country. It is no coincidence that these works have inspired filmmakers and animators of “Soyuzmultfilm” on the creation of a series of gorgeous animated feature films. They are now included in the “Golden Fund” of world animation. A joint project with Google will allow using modern technology and the creative group of the Studio a new look on the Russian tale and reframe it wealth”, said Yuliana Slascheva, President of the Board of “Soyuzmultfilm”.

Traditionally, the readings take part and celebrities, and ordinary Internet users. More than 300 people from all over Russia will read about 70 folk and author of fairy tales, selected by the project team. Interesting fact: the previous draft readings Google has faced millions of users around the world. Cumulative time hits — nearly 48 thousand hours is 5 years and 173 days. To become a participant of the project “young and old” is very simple: you need to go to the website skazki.withgoogle.comto record a video reading one of the suggested passages or their favorite stories and upload videos via a simple online form. The reception of my videos will last until 25 November. Selected readers will be the team chief Director Natalia Anastasiou, which is the fourth year in a row working on online reading with Google. Curator of the project , Thekla Tolstaya.

10 Dec reading live (which will last 10 hours) will be held in the fabulous studios of six large Russian cities. Stream online readings will be available live on YouTube. At this time, the storytelling will be accompanied by unusual visuals. It will create the artists of “Soyuzmultfilm” with the help of technology 3D drawing Google Tilt Brush. With a joystick and virtual reality glasses, animators will create a magical 3D world of fairy tales, where magical worlds come to life and fantastic characters. Integration of visual imagery will take the team under the leadership of the famous Russian Director-animator, artist, producer Mikhail Aldashin and film critic, a senior researcher at the State Central cinema Museum, curator of cultural projects of the Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”, a member of the Union of cinematographers of the Russian Federation and ICOM and the Board of the Guild of film critics of Russia Pavel Shvedov.

For the technical side of the project to respond in this time will be the company “VimpelCom”. “We are excited to be part of the great and the good of the project “From small to large.” Tales is a great cultural heritage. This is the thread between the generations, the wisdom that is passed from parents to children, from grandparents to grandchildren. With the help of mobile communication people can communicate by phone or video conference, sending a message or photo at any time. All this erases the border and distance between loved ones. In the framework of the project of “Beeline” will use its technological expertise to people from different parts of the country were able to gather the whole family and a new look at the famous stories”, — said Irina Lebedeva, Executive Vice-President of “VimpelCom” for marketing and brand.

“For Google this is the fourth online reading after the “Karenina. Live edition”, “Chekhov is alive” and “the Master and Margarita. I was there”. This time we decided to offer members and users to move away from the principle by reading the works of one author and seek diversity of folk and author of fairy tales. They unite all the inhabitants of our country, regardless of age, profession or lifestyle. We rarely go to the fairy tales into adulthood, but in vain. “Porridge from axe” could serve as a great guide to negotiate, and “By magic” — the benefits of meditation. This year we plan to find new meanings in old tales and the first to use the technology of Google Tilt Brush to show the famous stories in a new interpretation”, — said the head of Google Russia Julia Solovieva.

Source: “Russian newspaper”

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