Girls-vandals damaged the paintings of Dali and Goya at the exhibition in Yekaterinburg

Representatives of the international art center of Yekaterinburg called the “Main Avenue” told about the damage by visitors to the paintings of Francisco Goya and the paintings of Salvador Dali. These works were in conjunction, and therefore was also damaged. Involved in these events was a group of four girls who are behaved inappropriately.

After the study it turned out that the Goya was a broken frame, also injured, and glass. The creation of Salvador Dali suffered more as it was damaged the canvas itself. At the moment, both works of great masters under examination, and the proceedings conducted in connection with the incident.

According one of the news journals girls has seriously damaged the work of Dali, Goya, decided to make them photo. After damage of the exhibits, they tried to fly. Involved in the most damage were the two girls shortly after the incident, tracked down and interrogated.

Violators removed a surveillance camera. In the words of the girls themselves, they did not want to harm the artwork, it’s evident on the video. Stand with the works of the great masters fell, while one girl was nearby, and another friend was taking pictures on the background of these works. Since the visitor had no evil intent, and to open a criminal case did not.

Not everyone agrees with the decision of law enforcement bodies. It was noted that both works inspired by exhibits at the Ekaterinburg center for the arts, courtesy of Oleg Gusev – private collector. During the organization of the exhibition, the canvas was Given, it was securely fastened, but because inadvertently it was impossible to damage.

Affected the works of the great masters were withdrawn from the exhibition, but she continues to work in the same mode. What happened unpleasant event did not affect its holding. To prevent the recurrence of such a situation, all visitors just have to remind you to follow the rules of conduct at such events.

Exhibition of works by Salvador Dali in Yekaterinburg opened on 5 October. It presents several series of works of a famous artist. To include in it and decided works from the series Los Caprichos created by Francisco Goya. Next to this piece posted and the interpretation of this work from Salvador Dali.