George Orwell. Impregnable soul

On November 28 the annual fair Non/Fiction presentation of a new book by Vyacheslav nedoshivina “George Orwell. Impregnable soul”

About George Orwell written a lot of biographical books, but the new edition stands out among the others. This book is very meticulously and carefully considering all possible sources and studies about Oruella, there separates out a huge amount of detail and gives their interpretations of these items. The author asks questions and takes the answers from the diaries or archival materials. This format makes the book interactive and exciting, diluting the dry presentation of the biography.

“Orwell in any case would not be offended at this genre because he invented it, explains the editor of the book is Alexey Portnov. — He did exactly the same alleged interview. Orwell took excerpts from the text of Jonathan swift and added to them their questions. Vyacheslav Nedoshivin repeated the trick, this unusual genre. Vyacheslav studied all of his diaries, records, materials, most of which were not published in Russia and not translated”.

George Orwell was a man in the middle Ages would have been burned at the stake.

But now the 20 volumes of his heritage taught in schools, his books have been translated into 65 languages, they are movies and plays, and the total circulation of his novel “1984” in England alone over 40 million…

Orwell from the point of view of taboo was one of the first places. “Even Solzhenitsyn was not as dangerous as Orwell. Orwell was considered outright anti-Soviet”, — said the chief editor of the journal “Foreign literature” Alexander Livergant.

Many biographers of George Orwell — ardent fans of his work, however, Vyacheslav Nedoshivin not one of them. Respect, but not bow.

“There are a lot of different approaches, but one approach does not fit. Worship prevents, makes the book boring and gullbranna” — explains Livergant.

Vyacheslav Nedoshivin — writer, author of books “Addresses love. Homes and households of the Russian literature. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris and walk in the Silver age. Saint-Petersburg”. For many years — from a thesis on dystopias in 1985 to publications in scientific journals and magazines (“Foreign literature”) is engaged in the work Dzh. Orwell and translations of his works. “George Orwell. Impregnable soul” is not only a detailed biography of the English classics, not just a fascinating story about his life and books, about his views and his era — but also, in some sense, the first “Russian portrait”.

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