Fyodor Bondarchuk will take Belyaeva

New film “Man-amphibian” will be released in 2020

Director Fedor Bondarchuk sat in the Director’s chair tape “amphibian Man” — the new film adaptation of the novel by Alexander Belyaev.

Roman Belyaev talks about the talented Argentine Salvatore surgeon who saves the life of a young boy, he transplanted shark gills. Boy gets the ability to swim under water like a fish, but it would be hard for a long time to be on the land. The doctor adopts a child and anoint him the Frogman.

Unlike the original, the film will unfold in 1900 in St. Petersburg. In the center of the plot will be a confrontation between the terrestrial and underwater worlds, “the monstrous Sea devil of the Gulf of Finland” and the inventor of the Maxim Naidenov.

“One day max meets a mysterious Galau-girl amphibious. He falls in love with her, but suspects that in the final battle she may not be on the side of the inhabitants of the land”, — quotes an excerpt from the plot to the press service of the company Art Pictures Studio. The creators of the new version of the “fish-Man” promises to show viewers “a large-scale underwater shooting and a new reading of the classics.”

Shooting will start in the fall of 2019 in Saint-Petersburg. The premiere is scheduled for 2020.

The project develops a production company Bondarchuk’s Art Pictures Studio together with film companies “Hydrogen” and “national Media Group”. For the creation of a computer graphics project is responsible for the Studio, Main Road Post, who worked on the film “Gravity”, “Stalingrad” and “the Legend of Kolovrat”.

The book “the amphibian Man” has already endured several film adaptations. The most popular version in 1961, where the role of the frogman was performed by Ghostface Killah.

In 2012, the Director Sergei Bodrov announced shooting the English-language remake “the Person-amphibians”. In creating the tape had to involve Russia, Italy and Germany, but the picture never came out.

“Double star” by Alexander Belyaev