From Turgenev. With love

On the eve of the bicentennial of the birth of Turgenev in the State A. S. Pushkin Museum on Prechistenka read the story “Asya”. Turgenev young ladies in transparent dresses fatinovy showed a collection of evening Beige in fashion look (students of the Institute of design and advertising played titled “Bezhin meadow”). While leisurely sipping champagne with volumes of the classics in hand.

In these dresses put a modern “Turgenev girls” students of the Institute of design and advertising. Photo: Sergey Kuksin/ RG

Pushkin Museum on 10 November open for visitors the doors of its branch – the Museum of Ivan Turgenev at Ostozhenka, where it is the end of large-scale restoration. But before the anniversary of the writer a few weeks, and while on the website “RG” and the portal Gadoterate.Russia can see a narrated video of the book “Asya” – the famous tale of unfulfilled love, which is read by the whole world – from TV presenter Vladimir Pozner to Brazilian footballer who plays for the Ufa team.

Bold projects has already become a tradition, “RG” and Pushkin Museum. Last year just a few months we recorded four-hour videobook “Read Onegin”. Read “ASI” – that’s two and a half hours Turgenev’s words, more than 150 readers-participants, several hundred submitted videos.

Sergei Chonishvili – the participant of two videoclip “RG”: “Read Onegin” and “Asya”. Photo: “RG”

To participate in the project “Reading Turgenev” could everyone. Portal Gadoterate.RF was posted excerpts from “ASI” for reading people. The book includes about 30 “people” clips selected by the newspaper from nearly 220 applications. All Russia responded to the request to read the “Ah”. The most active participants in the project were Krasnodar Krai, Rostov-on-don, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Nizhniy Novgorod, Saint-Petersburg. The rollers came from the farthest corners of the country. Often the readings had become a library. On the seafront in Anapa recorded live at the all-Russian children’s center “Eaglet”. Sent your video and reader of the St. Petersburg state library for the blind and visually impaired Oleg Zinchenko. He, like Regina Parpiev from Nizhny Novgorod, reading Turgenev Braille. Students of the Russian language Institute. Of A. S. Pushkin by foreigners studying Russian language, were delighted to record a few pieces of “ASI”. Read Turgenev not only in Russia but also in Belarus, France, Kazakhstan, Japan, Belgium. Its video messages the pleased Association of teachers of Russian language Russia – Aquitaine (Bordeaux, France) and the Russian Department of the University of Mons (Belgium). Geography of the project – almost the entire world.

500 people from around the world read “Asya”. Of these, 150 participants were included in the videobook. More than two hours – the duration of the entire videokniga

“RG” has held competition on the best sketch of first love based on the famous story by Turgenev. The Grand Prix was awarded to Alexander Zaitsev of Astrakhan. Photo: Sergey Kuksin

As told at the presentation, the Director of the State Pushkin Museum Yevgeny Bogatyrev, videobook will be another exhibit in the renovated House-Museum of Turgenev: “This is our next exhibit, bright, brilliant, from the point of view of the participants, who read Turgenev’s work is a true inflorescence. This project turned out and will live very long.”

To list all the famous people involved in this beautiful project, can be very long. Together with the people’s recitation of “Ah” read writers Sergey Shargunov, Alisa Ganieva, Guzel Yakhina, Alexei Varlamov, Alexander Arkhangelsky, actress Marina Zudina, Inga obadina, Alisa Grebenshchikova, Nelly Uvarova, Yanina Sokolovska, actors Sergey Chonishvili, Anatoly Bely, Igor Petrenko, head of the “teatrium on serpukhovka” Teresa Durova, the chief physician of the First City hospital Alex Light, and many others. But it is better to see with your own eyes: the videobook can be viewed at:

Kstation, where she lived Mumu

The exhibition new Moscow house-Museum is ready on 90%. The monument to Ivan Turgenev is also ready – wrapped in white and waiting for the opening. “The identity of Turgenev in the Museum is revealed in the context of his worlds – the world of childhood, Moscow, grandmother, – said the Director of the State Pushkin Museum Yevgeny Bogatyrev. – We will talk about our compatriot, who opened Europe and the world the great Russian literature. Each of you will find something of their own in this cozy warm house with gray column.”

Videobook “Asya” will be exhibit in the renovated House-Museum of Turgenev

In the new house-Museum, which will open on Ostozhenka, will tell including about Turgenev-the hunter. Photo: RIA Novosti

The house, located at Ostozhenka, 37, from 1840 to 1850. lived Varvara Petrovna Turgenev, the mother of Ivan Sergeyevich. Ivan Sergeyevich often visited the mother of the artist, and described everything that happened in the house, in his story “Mumu”. So the prototypes of the characters in Turgenev’s works were a real person, who lived in the house the “ladies” – Varvara Petrovna. After the October revolution the house was turned into communal apartments, of the internal layout was greatly affected. The house is settled only in 1976, but moved in a sports organization, and only in 2009, the mansion was given to the State Museum of A. S. Pushkin. In the new house-Museum conducted a scientific restoration – this means that the interior of the house the maximum re-created, and in his collection worthy place is occupied by the original – things that belonged to Turgenev and his family. A long time were in private collections abroad. The city and patrons have helped to purchase these items. And the creation of the entire collection took several years.

Direct speech

Alexander Kibovsky, head of Moscow Department of culture:

One of the most interesting moments of the project “Reading Turgenev” for me, in that it involves all sorts of people. It amazes me in Turgenev wonderfully rich phrases: it seems to be just letters, but they add up to a stunningly rich text. What wrote Ivan Sergeevich, – at all times. As told Yuri Lyubimov: “we Change only the costumes, but the soul and the senses remain.” It is also about Turgenev. And many generations will look at the volume of Turgenev, to get answers to their questions.

Evdokia Germanova, actress of the Moscow theatre of Oleg Tabakov:

– I am very pleased that I “fell in” to this project. Mozart was once asked: “How do you write the music, because there are only seven notes?” He replied that his strategy is to take two notes and see how they love each other. And Turgenev same. He had feelings spill over into thoughts, thoughts into words. Turgenev – a subtle psychologist. If it were not Turgenev’s girls, we would be sure to invent.

Igor zolotovitski, rector of the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre:

Russian literature is our pride, and import substitution, and expertisemedia. If there is some opportunity to promote our Russian literature, then I will gladly take it. And on a special shelf I have Turgenev. And I was happy to read “Asya”. It is difficult to overestimate such educational projects such as the “Reading Turgenev”.