French writer Jules Verne wrote poetry!

According to the edition “Ex Libris”, in the near future the publishing house “Prestige BEECH” will release a book of Jules Verne “walking fire” with a Foreword of Eugene Witkowski. However, this time it will not be a fantasy or adventure novel by the famous French writer, but a collection of poetic heritage. Yes, it’s not a mistake, a classic of adventure literature in his teenage years really wrote poetry.

However, this is unsurprising because such a romantic nature, who left us a great artistic legacy in the genre of sci-Fi and adventure of an action novel should be reflected in poetry. But amid the many loved and still love to read his fiction, juvenile lyrics are the author’s little studied and is undeservedly forgotten.

Justice decided to restore the poet and translator Evgeny Vitkovsky, who initiated the idea of creating a poetry collection of the famous Frenchman, and the project was implemented with the help of the participants of the seminar “the Age of translation” – a small team of translators who prepared the publication of the collected poems of Jules Verne.

Lyrics French author has more than 180 works – from small sketches and poems, “on the occasion of the” to big ballads and poems. Almost 30 years ago in Paris first published 2 notebook early poems of Jules Verne, representing a kind of poetic diary of a writer from 1847 to 1849.

Now poetry is a classic of adventure literature will be available to the Russian fans of his work, which in our country has always been a great many. “Literature news” wrote earlier that to the 190th anniversary of Jules Verne in Runet was launched an interactive project “adventure Time” on the works of the French writer.

The output of the poetry collection expect by the end of the year.