France announced the name of the winner of the Prix Goncourt

The winner of the most prestigious literary award of France – the Prix Goncourt – was the writer Nicolas Mathieu for his novel “Children after them” (Leurs enfants après eux). It is reported by France Info.

This is the second work of the author. The novel, Mathieu’s happening from 1992 to 1998. The book tells the story of teenagers, first love and the events that determine their lives, before life scatters them around the country.

The Goncourt prize is awarded annually since 1903 for best novel in French. She is familiarities Goncourt – Edmond Louis Antoine and Jules Alfred South Ossetia. The award was established by a bequest of Edmond, it is awarded by results of voting. Ten eminent French writers, Goncourt Academy members vote at a special meeting in a Paris restaurant “Groin” (Drouant): each academician can give a candidate only one vote, and the President of the Academy two.

The size of the Prix Goncourt symbolic and is only 10 euros. However, the recognition of the Academy significantly increases the credibility of the writer and puts his work in a place of honor in French literature.