Favorite books woody Allen

Woody Allen is one of the phenomena of modern cinema: four-time Oscar-winning screenwriter, Director and actor does not change itself and continues to produce on the film a year, but his career began in the 1950s! Glorified the “little man”/the urban neurotic/ reflective intellectual, Allen has good literary taste. Get acquainted with your favorite books woody Allen!

The World Of S. J. Perelman: Hollywood and Broadway of the mid-twentieth century

The memoirs of humorist and screenwriter Sidney Joseph Perelman is close to Allen in spirit, perhaps that is why the Director wrote the Foreword to the book colleagues “the World of S. J. Perelman”. Born in Brooklyn, Sidney worked in Hollywood and on Broadway in the mid-twentieth century and even became an Oscar winner – as a co-author of the script for the adventure film “Around the world in 80 days” (of the novel adaptation of Jules Verne’s five Academy award). Sketches Perelman will appeal to those who love satire and parody, absurdity and eccentric pop culture. Film stars like Marilyn Monroe and Broadway intrigue, dealers and scripts for the Marx brothers – all of this Perelman looks mischievous eyes, with his characteristic humor.

Elia Kazan: a biography of the twice Oscar winner

Won two Academy awards Elia Kazan was born to Greek parents, but all of his work – a kind of hymn to America, even if it is not glossy-perfect and full of contradictions, like in the movies “East of Eden” and “In port” with Marlon Brando. Initially, the Cauldron made a name for himself as a theater Director, having received five awards “Tony”, including, for performances of “All my sons” and “death of a salesman”. Inspired by the success of the performances Kazan’s “Streetcar named Desire, playwright Tennessee Williams convinced him to take the eponymous film, starring Brando (Stanley Kowalski) and the British Vivien Leigh (Blanche), the movie earned four Oscars. Now the baton from his grandfather, who lived more than 94 years, has accepted actress and screenwriter (“wildlife”) and Zoe Kazan. In the list of favorite books of Allen there is a volume of “Elia Kazan: a biography”, written by Richard Schenkel.

Epitaph of a small winner: reasoning from beyond the grave

First published in 1881, the year the novel Machado de City “Epitaph of a small winner” (or “Notes from the world) – for those who love stories about people who discovered the mystery of life “beyond the grave”. Surreal introspection of the main character as a Brace of Cubas, immersed in the culture of Brazil, can be shocking arguments about the presumption of graveworms, but, as noted in the “new York times” critic of colonialism in these “afterlife memoirs” is very radical. The creativity of the City was influenced by woody Allen, who believes the Brazilian’s insightful and even brilliant.

The catcher in the rye: being a teenager is hard work

The novel by Jerome D. Salinger “the catcher in the rye” is included in the favorite lists of books by many celebrities, including not only woody Allen but also Haruki Murakami, and bill gates. This is a classic piece that is often included in the “Tops-10”. Presenting the world of a teenage outcast, Holden Caulfield 1960-ies (the novel is his monologue-confession), he, he retired and began to live as a hermit, pre-imposing a ban on the adaptation of the book.

Really The Blues: a very different jazz

Clarinetist and saxophonist from Chicago of Mess, Mezzrow – author of the book of memoirs “Really The Blues”, the final top 5 favorites of woody Allen. Born in 1899, the year, Mezzrow became one of the key figures of jazz of the beginning and first half of the twentieth century. He received his musical education in reform school, and then it was not so romantic as you imagine – in the memories Mezza no dance halls with subdued light, porcelain tea cups, glasses of champagne, opium and languid women. Harlem (and other) prisons scattered throughout the text – along with music, without music, no way! Explanations with al Capone about the good and the bad whiskey and a rethinking of the concept of “hipster” – Yes, this book is a very impressive experience!