Favorite books Jay-Z

Oh, no wonder Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z (Jay Zee) climbed to the top of the list of the highest paid rappers (according to estimates by Forbes for the year it earned $ 76.5 million). Just a musician and producer is reading useful literature! See for yourself – here favorite books Jay-Z, well, very eloquently!

The seat of the soul: a delicate matter

While our world “explodes” various aspects of law, science and the mind, beyond the five senses there is a whole world – says the author of several motivating and inspirational books Gary Zukav. It reprinted several times bestseller “the seat of the soul” occupies the first place in the list of your favorite literature Jay-Z, as he confessed the musician in an interview to share By the way, and the Oprah Winfrey often turns to the wise words of Zukav, which is a source of high knowledge and a good addition to the metaphysical reading.

The Celestine prophecy: why we came to this Earth

In 1993, the year the book was published by James Redfield “the Celestine prophecy”, which also has experienced a “second” birth, and was translated into many languages. She was in “Handbook” rapper thanks to the analysis of spiritual and psychological ideas developed even ancient Eastern philosophers and mystics. The energy vibration of the new Age, understanding the meaning of life, spiritual discernment are the main themes of the novel by Redfield. In the story, somewhere on the planet found an ancient Peruvian manuscript, and now mankind can come close to the realization of his purpose on Earth.

Geniuses and outsiders. Success stories

Popular canadian journalist Malcolm Gladwell always been more interested in the fascinating history of failures, but then he turned to an unlikely success stories. The author painstakingly studied the biographies of the workaholic, who managed to climb to the top. So a book “Emissions: success Stories” (often translated as “Geniuses and outsiders”). The son of an Englishman-a teacher of mathematics and granddaughter of Jamaican planters-the doctor, the journalist became one of the most influential people according to Time, and his books are bestsellers.

Purple cow. Make your business stand out

An experienced marketer, he is a graduate of tufts University who received degrees in computer science and philosophy, Seth Godin is the author of several hits business literature. In a list of favorite books of JZ includes a copy of “the Purple cow. Make your business stand out”. What does the cow? This is a vivid metaphor: like the purple color will be immediately noticeable in a herd of black-and-white-and-brown companions. Make sure your product is exactly the same differs from the others. And then you and your child are guaranteed to notice! Citing compelling examples, Godin argues that innovative attractive nature of the product (goods, ideas) can trump any well thought out promotional plan, developed by experts in mass marketing.