Favorite books Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres – host of the popular talk show, actress, LGBT activist, philanthropist – can’t live without books, and a list of her favorites can be found motivating literature and contemporary fiction, heartwarming stories about animals and Eastern philosophy. See for yourself the breadth of her tastes and preferences, get to know your favorite books Ellen DeGeneres.

Racing on wet pavement: from the point of view of a dog

If the famous collie lassie from the TV series and movies could write the memoirs, then it might have turned out to be a work that rivals the monologues clever dog Enzo from the novel Garth Stein’s “Racing on wet pavement”. The main character loves a TV show, thinking about reincarnation and follow the life of his master, rider Danny swift. Enzo will never abandon his friend in trouble and help to get out of all scrapes. DeGeneres, loves animals, could not pass by this book and recommended it to his fans.

The four agreements. A practical guide to personal freedom

The following book list is “the Four agreements. A practical guide to personal freedom”, don Miguel Ruiz. What this book for many years had dominated the bestseller list and was translated in 4 dozen languages, speaks volumes. Four practices that you need for a better life, says the author. This verbal integrity, questions without assumptions, the rejection of personalization and achieve the best results. As a surgeon with deep spiritual Mexican roots and finding inspiration in the teachings of the Toltecs, Ruiz has become for many a kind of guru, his book not only appreciates DeGeneres, but her peers Oprah Winfrey, and millions of followers.

Goldfinch. An unexpected gift

In 2019, the year the premiere of the film “the Goldfinch”, which starred Nicole Kidman, Sarah Paulson, Ansel Elgort, Finn Wolfhard (“It”, “Very strange things”). It is based on the novel of Donna Tartt who won the Pulitzer prize. We see the story through the eyes of a teenager, suddenly lost his mother. Theo runs up the gallery with a priceless gift and advice of a dying old man. And the author assures us in the transcendence of art, contrasted with the fragility of people.

Extremely loud & incredibly close: explosive!

Novel by Jonathan SAFRAN Foer “extremely loud & incredibly close” also became a film of the same name drama by Stephen daldry was released in 2011 and it featured Tom Hanks, Max von Sydow, Sandra bullock. Having lost his father after the disaster at the world trade center, a nine-year-old Oskar Schell is trying to cope with the tragedy, but he is still too small, so it turns out not very. Some readers (Salman Rushdie, Oprah Winfrey) called the book “explosive”, and it is true: the life of Oscar and his family seem to be centred around such accidents, because the grandmother and the grandfather of the hero survived the bombing of Dresden during the Second world war.

Change your thoughts – change your life: the wisdom of the Tao

The third book, which Ellen DeGeneres advised to read called “Change your thoughts – change your life: the wisdom of the Tao” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Motivational speaker Dyer explains the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, and how the postulates are applied in everyday life. After the Eastern sage Dyer believes the balance of morality and goodness in the Way must slow to “stew” in the pot everyday. Some of the exercises, such as avoiding gossip and slander, distribution of unnecessary gadgets that can be especially useful in modern life.