Fantastically simple: 10 wisdom of Neil Gaiman

Today, November 10, your 58th birthday British science fiction writer Neil Gaiman, who managed not only to monetize your talent, but also successfully fit into the modern film industry.

To date, he is the author of several fiction novels, collections of short stories and comics, and is considered one of the most sought-after screenwriters, collaborating productively as with the streaming services (such as Amazon), and large film companies. Among the latest and most discussed project writer mnogostanochnikov – acclaimed series “American gods” (a screen adaptation of one of the most famous books Gaiman), work on mini-series “Good omens,” based on the novel written by Gaiman co-authored with Terry Pratchett, another classic of fantasy literature and sci-fi – Comedy “How to talk to girls at parties” with Nicole Kidman and Elle fanning in the lead roles.

10 brilliant in its simplicity sayings birthday, about which you need to know even the distant world of fiction readers, see the selection of editors Fancy Journal.

“History teaches us at least that it can be worse always.”

“Childhood memories sometimes fade and disappear under the weight of what comes later, as children’s toys, forgotten adults on the very bottom of a crowded closet, but they are always alert and waiting in the wings”.

“Trouble β€” cowardly, they never go alone but swarm and attack all at once”.

“Waiting is a sin. You should appreciate every moment. And waiting is a sign of disrespect to the future and the present simultaneously.”

“Not only happy endings don’t exist β€” all does not exist”.

“Nothing scares away nightmares, like hot chocolate and cuddles”.

“Time, a skilled thief, little by little drags everything to your huge dusty warehouse.

“Fall is not terrible. Afraid to reach the bottom and break”.

“Return is impossible. You can live or here, or there. Nobody lives in two worlds at once.”

“To seek perfection is like chasing the horizon. It makes the move all the time”.