Famous detectives of the Kuban became the heroes of the novel

Photo: Vladimir Anosov/WP

In Krasnodar took place the presentation of the first in the modern history of the Krasnodar Krai art of the novel dedicated to the criminal investigation of the Kuban.

Wrote the book the Deputy Chairman of the Association of veterans ATS and BB of Russia, Colonel of internal service in resignation Andrew Faniel. “Emergency investigation” – a detective story, which takes place in the early twentieth century in Ekaterinodar.

The author completely immerses us in that era – said the head of Department on interaction with institutes of civil society of the Department of information and public relations of GU Ministry of internal Affairs in Krasnodar Krai Sergey Lubin. The book is written in simple and beautiful language. In addition to the fictional characters in detective are working at the time head of the detective Department of the regional capital Alexander Aliens and the assistant chief of police of Ekaterinodar Hryhoriy Zhuravel, who was killed in the center of the city criminals.

Readers are acquainted in detail with the mysteries of human intelligence and operational work of Ekaterinodar police learn details about the elimination of particularly dangerous gangs. The author spent a lot of time in the provincial archives, to maximize the accurate transfer of the pre-revolutionary life in the Kuban.

The writing of the novel took about five months. With 70 percent of stories of Ganiev, by his own admission, took from the documentary collection of “essays on the history of the bodies of internal Affairs of Kuban 1793 – 1917”.

The book was written during realization of the project “Detective Ekaterinodar”, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Russian police. I wanted to tell the residents and guests of Krasnodar, especially young people, about people who fought crime in those early years, – said Andrei Faniel.

One of the first readers, the novel became editor in chief of “Police newspaper of Kuban” Tatyana Shirshov:

– Opened on the evening of the book, I thought, flip through, but got carried away and was off. It is possible to study the emergence of criminology in the region. However, this vivid retelling of the story with memorable images. Very well transferred to Kuban dialect. With surprise read about the street where you live 20 years, but did not know what the thieves ‘ “raspberry” existed here. Now I walk these streets with a special feeling and a different look at the surrounding old mansions.

Published with the support of the regional branch of the Association of war veterans OVD I VV Rossii. As told by the Chairman of the organization Sergey Ilyin managed to find a sponsor who financed the printing of the novel.