Fair finds

That is over twentieth book fair Non/fiction, the most interesting book forum not only in Russia but also in the world. Similar fairs I have not seen anywhere, in any country. There is a powerful book fairs – Frankfurt, London, new York, Paris book salon, and others. But for five days on a relatively small site together a number of intellectual literature, many writers, journalists, television and radio presenters, artists and people of different professions, United by a love of clever book – I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Announced that next year the fair will leave “namolennoe” a place in the CHA and, probably, will move to the arena. The playpen is perfect! With all the appeal of CHA out there for Non/fiction was not enough, and the so-called “spirit” was felt by all. Nice to see sold out at the book fair, but to go over the heads – not pleasant.

Briefly about the results of the fair… Except for Russia, took part in Bulgaria, UK, Hungary, Germany, Israel, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, USA, Taiwan, Ukraine, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Chile, Sweden, Estonia and Japan. In addition to the major publishing houses guests Non/fiction were more than thirty small and not only from Moscow and Petersburg, and Vladivostok, Vologda, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kazan, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Orenburg and Tver. Five days hosted about 400 events in non-stop mode held at eight sites and at the stands of participants.

Before Non/fiction many publications and Internet portals have offered their recommendation lists of books

From the point of view of common sense is the number of discussions, “round tables” and so on. – pure madness. But fair Non/fiction the rules of the game. Its mission is to amaze, to dazzle the intellectual power of modern Russia, and what comes out the bottom, it is not so important. Actually, I think that Non-fiction is more of an emotional act than a rational one. Its purpose is to remind you that the book is not only and not so much goods, how many, pardon the truism, the engine of progress.

And here I will add a tar spoon…

Before started Non/fiction, a number of Newspapers, magazines and Internet portals have offered their own recommendation lists: what it costs to buy at the fair or at least what you should pay attention. These recommendation lists were given in previous years, but this year was something special.

The newspaper “Kommersant” has suggested a list of 55 books. The electronic edition of “Bill Daily” 30. The Portal “Medusa” – 35. Electronic journal Arzamas – 15. And so on. All surpassed respected portal “Bitter”, offering a list of 100 books. Their recommendation lists suggested book bloggers, and there are now so many that only in the “short list” awards “Litblog”, the winner of which will be named tomorrow award “Big book” in the Pashkov House, featured 15 names. How long was “long” and how much they do online? Let me remind you: book bloggers – those who voluntarily, that is, the gift is filled with their pages in the Network, reviewing new books, and so on.

Activity “recommendations” this year was so great that one of the critics, Yegor Mikhailov, was the rating “recommendations”. Maybe I’m behind the times, but this genre (rating tips, what to buy at the book fair), I don’t remember. This is some know-how. List Mikhailov called “Non/fiction. The master list”, i.e. it is assumed that this is a consolidated reference list of books fair. In the ranking of Yegor Mikhailov involved 28 Newspapers, portals and most respected bloggers. The result was a list of… 562 books. And then I thought… it is Clear that the list of five hundred books, no recommendation can be developed. His most difficult to understand, if not just slide by their names, but at least read the annotations to these books on the Internet, at least understand what they are. But personally I do not understand another simple thing: what in General can serve this list?

Why should he? From some unknown space, he came to us and any aliens on it? What kind of critics and commentators, able to offer readers to read 50 or 100 books? They themselves read? They bought them in the store or sent to them from publishers? In the mail? Couriers?

Understand that ask stupid and naive questions that will laugh at any “professional” in the field of book circulation. But it’s those questions that has the right to ask our “professional” elite normal Russian reader. And the main question is: “Guys, you know that not only these books, but even their listings can’t keep in mind?”

In the library of Pushkin’s ancestor Abram Petrovich Hannibal was 347 books. It was the largest private library

One of the founding fathers of the Non/fiction Boris Kupriyanov on “echo of Moscow” called the fair a “fair finds”. And I agree with him. The most interesting thing at the fair – accidentally see a book you subliminal waited, and here it is! And the curious thing is that this may be an old book (they are also sold at the fair, modest, on the sidelines). So one day I for mere pennies bought at Non/fiction rare book by M. V. Muratov on the “Tolstoyan” V. G. Chertkov, published in 1934. And I really had the feeling that she was waiting for me there, that’s me personally.

100 books, 500 books? In the library of Pushkin’s ancestor Abram Petrovich Hannibal was 347 books. It was the largest private library of Peter’s time. By today’s standards he was ignorant. But then these people built a great Empire, won great wars and explore new ground? Maybe because I read books, not “lists”.