Experts argue whether or not the Russian illustrations

Why is it so difficult to find a children’s book, which would be a recognizable image? What a good illustration is different from the bad? As an artist to prove to the publisher that he has the right to illustrate children’s books?

— Our illustration is all right, — confidently declares the Director of the International festival of book illustration and visual literature “Morse” Anna Chefranova. Over the four years of our festival, we clearly understand that we have our own Russian illustration that stands out and is known worldwide.

But a sufficient number of talented artists does not mean that they will be in demand.

Every year our school produces 15-20 really talented guys, but only few were able to realize in their profession, says the artist, teacher at the Moscow Polytechnic Yevgeny Podkolzin. Unfortunately, the publisher does not need a unique and talented artwork, he needs something that will be bought. And who buys children’s books? Parents and grandparents. It’s the trying to please the publisher.

Podkolzin was supported by a translator, a specialist in children’s book illustration Olga Moats, who approached the publishers with a big request-do not strive only for commercial illustration, and give a chance for including the author.

Moreover, the author’s illustration can also profitable. This was proved by the publishing house “Egmont” and Arthur Givargizov his series “City of masters” and “colorful square”.

About Arthur Givargizov tell that he has a daddy, where he puts the work of his favourite artists.

— I just love to look at the pictures made it.

But when he needs to find an Illustrator for a new book, he presents himself as its main character, opens a cherished dad and trying to find a picture in which this hero would be comfortable. Once such a pattern is found, its author receives an invitation to illustrate the book. According to Arthur, this method hasn’t failed.

But once we have talented artists, there are publishers willing to invite them to cooperate, why should not cease talking about the decline of domestic illustrations.

It turns out, is not so simple. At all times appreciated the artist’s personality. For example, nobody will confuse the illustrations by Igor Oleynikov and Vladimir Lebedev. But modern illustration mostly merged into a single monotonous mass. Of course, you can try to justify the fact that we live in a visual world and images are everywhere around us, and therefore imitation and citation can not be avoided. But it is unlikely that this explanation will satisfy the publishers and especially readers.

Perhaps publishers will be more willing to work with young illustrators, if they are able to offer a truly talented and original things that will be organic look not only at the booth but also on the cover of the mass books.