Exhibition for the anniversary of “Pope” dunno, was opened in Moscow

In the “House Ostroukhov in pipe manufacturers” started the exhibition “the adventures of dunno, the Life of Nikolai Nosov,” dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the famous writer.

For many childhood stories about fidget the dummy or the adventures of best friends Bear and Kolka was reference books. Those born in Soviet times, will feel nostalgia when you visit this unique and very cozy in the spirit of the exhibition. Because I certainly come across illustrations that remember and love from childhood.

The first room of the exhibition is devoted to books about dunno how one of the most famous and beloved by many of the works of Nikolai Nosov. Here you can get acquainted with the history of the trilogy, to see first editions, beginning with journal publications, and, of course, rare drawings.

“We tried, naturally, to pick up a rare first editions, – said the curator of the exhibition Natalia Rebrov. – On display is absolutely amazing, the old illustrations are wonderful artists. One of them and Amminadab Kanevsky – he is a huge series for the book “Victor Maleev in school and at home”. Next is a series created by another artist Heinrich Valcom. It is possible to see different techniques. There’s also Smirnov and Ogorodnikova”.

About the writer’s life and his other literary heroes narrate the materials of the second hall of the exposition. It recreates a fragment of a working writer’s study with a Desk and personal effects: a typewriter, camera and family photos.

Specially for the youngest visitors, the organizers made sure about, dunno, and space rocket (layout, magnetic Board, played by the picture of Henry Val). And everyone can be a hat dunno. It is “floating” near the ceiling. To get it, resort to special mechanism. Be placed underneath the whole family, so it is huge.

The exhibition will be held master-classes for children and interactive tours. The exhibition will run to 10 February 2019.