“Eugene Onegin” for the first time translated into the Chechen language

Photo: Sergey Pyatakov/RIA Novosti

In the National library of the Chechen Republic has held a presentation of the first translation of the novel by Alexander Pushkin’s “Eugene Onegin” in the Chechen language. The author of the first such translation was the poet, essayist and translator Hussein Chataev.

The meeting was attended by over a hundred people, told the correspondent of “RG” in the National library. Among the guests were famous poets, writers, teachers of the Chechen and Russian languages, and students.

As stated by the editor of the literary journal “Vainakh” Musa Akhmadov is the first attempt of translation of Pushkin’s novel in the Chechen language.

– A characteristic feature of the art form of “Eugene Onegin” is the so-called “Onegin stanza” form, which the poet created specifically for this work. The preservation of this form is a difficult problem for translators, including in the Chechen language, – Akhmadov said.

He also added that the translation has retained the lyrical sound of the original and practically does not distort the author’s thoughts.

The translator Hussein Chataev admitted that his main task was to convey to the Chechen the reader the content of the novel, passing it with maximum precision, complementing explanations so that the reader could perceive it in full.

The version of the translation of “Eugene Onegin” was published in three issues of the journal “Vainakh”. Now Hussein Chataev looking for publishers willing to print book options.