Edoardo Nesi: as an entrepreneur has become beloved in the whole country of the writer

Dissident, an investment banker and writer Oleg Radzinsky says that in his circles to be the head of the Bank – an indicator of a bad life. They say, nothing is achieved, only the banker. Whether it’s a writer! Although we all, of course, aware of the difference in income between the first and the last.

And yet more and more people in our material world are donating money in favor of capital more meaningful literature. One such example – the Italian Edoardo Nesi. Was this person born in the Tuscan city of Prato, the place historically and culturally important, but are not without their problems. Here everyone is forced to spin as he can here, children are poorer than parents, this dream often sacrifice stability.

Himself Edoardo Nesi had a career entrepreneur – led family owned a textile factory. However, the call of the calling was stronger than ambition, and entrepreneurial activity was left. Nazi tried a political career, in 2013 he was even elected. But the main interest lay in another area – literature.

Those whom Edoardo Nesi says in the book “the History of my people,” his peers from Prato. Roman Nazi something between an essay, a pamphlet and an autobiography, a metaphor for modern globalism. It is symptomatic for Italy and terapeutyczny for the world stories about people who believe in a calling and are not afraid to gamble with their future.

Neti also tried his hand as writer, Director and translator. In 2011 he wrote the screenplay and directed the film for his novel “Running from time”.

Today the author is working on a television series based on the novel “Endless summer”, the sequel of which was his latest work, “All is shattered and to dance”, written in collaboration with the financier Guido Maria Brera.

Creativity Nazi in Russia is almost unknown, but it is sure to come to us – the relationship of Italian and Russian people is stronger than it seems at first glance, and the problems faced by the characters in his books, we close and clear. At the fair non/fictio№ Nasi will speak at the event “Italians – good people” (28 November, 18.00, Copyright hall, 2nd floor Central house of artists, hall № 15).He will tell you why is it hard to find your calling, and passionately inspire all creativity – whether writing, directing, scenic, no matter the main thing is sincere, from the heart.