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Book fair in Moscow Central house of artists on Krymsky Val opened for the twentieth time and will last until Sunday, December 2, inclusive.

Here you can buy books for all occasions, including encyclopedias, biographies, informative books on health. The fair has long gone beyond its name. Here fiction has a place – the latest novelties of Russian and foreign writers, children’s books, and books for parents.

At the fair in non-stop mode will be held meetings with writers, scientists, travellers. Among the guests this year: Matvey Shparo, Guzel Yakhina, Denis Dragunsky.

By the way

Italy – honorary guest of the fair this year. We present three books from the Italian streets.

Arkady Ippolitov. “Just Rome. Images of Italy XXI century.” M.: Azbuka-Atticus, 2018

Third after Lombardy and Venice – part travelagency poem in prose, subtle St. Petersburg art critic, curator of the print Cabinet of the Hermitage and not the coincidence of the curator of a huge exhibition of Russian art, which just opened at the Vatican. To fit all the beauties and antiquities of the Eternal city in a 350-page book is almost impossible, and the author makes a special emphasis on the Baroque period, his interest more than others. But the redundancy of this style allows him to “go” everywhere – in the cinema (see the cover) and even soccer. Still, it’s the famous Italian “Calcio”.

Hugo Pratt. “Corto Maltese. Siberia”. Per. from the Italian. M. Khachaturova. SPb.: Banknig, 2018

Specialized St. Petersburg publishing house is the printing of the graphic series about daring sailors with a strange nickname, literally meaning “the Maltese yard”. And became one of the main “book ambassadors” of Italy of the XX century, reaching world fame almost on a par with Harry Potter, only much earlier.

Between Bari and St. Petersburg. A writer’s journey. Moscow: Tsentr knigi Rudomino, 2018

This is the third time thanks to the initiative of Rospechat and the generosity of the Moscow branch of Bank “Intesa” Russian and Italian writers exchange group visits. In 2016, the venue of the visits were: for the Russian writers of the Patriarchal southern region of Puglia with its centre of Bari, is inseparably connected with Nicholas of Myra (Saint Nicholas), for the Italian Imperial St. Petersburg. Upon returning home, the writers have written essays, each in his own way: postmodernist and realist, academic, and poetic. It’s not traveloge in the full sense of the word, but live the immediate impression seems to be ordinary people, but still traded with the word professional.

Children’s books at the fair

Julia Aronova. “My mother is an airplane.” M: Scooter, 2018

All moms are amazing, but each in its own way. There mother is a teacher, mother, dancer, mother is a doctor and even mother – the driver of the car. But the main character of this surprisingly gentle books especially lucky because his mother – plane. She can fly faster than any aircraft in the sky to disperse the clouds and make friends with the sun. This good book is based on the same cartoon Yulia Aronova, has already won prestigious awards at international festivals.

Ulf Stark. “Little Stark”. Translation: Olga Maeots, Kseniya Kovalenko. M: White Crow, 2018

Ulf stark is probably one of the most famous Swedish children’s writers. His books read the same children, adolescents, and adults. It is one thing to read the text and quite another – with the author himself. Who are you, Ulf stark? To this question he tried to answer himself. “Little stark” – funny and sad at the same time the book is built on the real memories of the writer.

Egor Egorov, Yuri Nechiporenko. “About the living house”. Moscow: Art-Volkhonka, 2018

What we’re made of? What is DNA? What it’s like inside the cage? And how she manages to resist viruses? The answers to these questions know chemists, physicists and biologists, and now learns and your child, if you read this book. Do not be afraid of difficult terms and unexplained phenomena, the authors of this book managed to explain complex easy and fun.

Herman Lukomnikov. “Well, I am!”. M: Scooter, 2018

In this book, all well: poems of the famous poet, participant and organizer of poetry slams Herman Lukomnikov and illustrations of Nikolai Filippov, talented artist for whom painting has become a language of communication with the world (because in childhood he was diagnosed with autism).

This book, however, is not to give the youngest readers, and the poet himself frankly admits that it is “almost children’s poems”. But the older kiddies it will be very interesting.

Sergey Dmitriev. “We are living in Ancient China”. M.: Walking through history, 2018

A specialist on the history of China Sergei Dmitriev was almost impossible to fit in this Chinese silk history under one cover. “History of China look like colorful Chinese silk – so much of it intertwined the different events” – with these words he begins his book. And now before our eyes come to life ancient gods, the characters begin to speak, and the ancient Kingdom enter into deadly battle. And when you are tired from battles and power struggles, you can delve into the daily life of ordinary people: what they ate, what the wore, how the celebrated the holidays and what games were played.

As befits a children’s encyclopedia, text accompany illustrations: reproductions of works of ancient art, the reconstruction of everyday life and everyday life of China and even the comics, specially devised by the artist Nadezhda Davydova. Thanks to them, the story turns into an exciting adventure.

Infographics RG / Michael Spikes / Natalia Sokolova