“Disposable” has become a word of 2018

The competition he could make only the slogan #MeToo

Publishers of dictionary Collins Dictionary announced single-use, which translated into Russian language means “disposable”, in a Word, 2018.

Your choice of experts is simple: people too often use disposable items — disposable bottles, cups, wipes, diapers, which have become a real threat to life on planet Earth.

“Photos of plastic items floating in the most remote areas of the oceans, straws, bottles and packages — has led to expand the campaign to reduce their use”, — quotes the message of the publishing house Collins Dictionary RIA Novosti.

According to their observations, the frequency of the use of the word “disposable” was in direct proportion to the increasing awareness of society about this problem. Over the past five years (beginning in 2013) this word was used four times more often.

Selection of British experts, which may seem a little strange. But everything becomes clear if you look at the other contenders. For example, the words backstop or gammon. The first of these is the term used to refer to legal arrangements regarding the status of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland in the absence of an agreement between the UK and the EU Brexit. The second word literally translates as “ham”, and used it to describe a middle-aged man with a red face and reactionary views on Brexit. That is, words that are understandable in the UK, but hardly likely to qualify for frequent use around the world.

The only word that could make a real competition the winner is MeToo. This slogan translates to “me too”, became popular worldwide thanks to the women who decided to openly talk about sexual harassment.

“Marathon began for the election of the English word of the year, the culmination of which is a traditional Oxford shortlist. But while Collins had shot: his choice — Single-use (disposable) is suspiciously reminiscent of the manipulation of readers. It’s impressive and the whole politically correct and environmentally friendly short-list: to whitewash, gammon, vegan, MeToo, plogging… just rhymes with the Last winner: that the collection of garbage in the process of Jogging. The General trend of fall fun dance floss (nice memasak!) football VAR”, — commented on his Facebook linguist Maxim krongauz.

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