Dina Rubina: “the Writer creates the illusion”

Writer Dina Rubina talked about their dreams and gave advice to budding writers

At the jubilee fair Non/fiction popular in the area of the seminars in its presentation left no free space — the writer presented his new book “Rowan wedge” and with her characteristic sense of humor, answered questions of readers.

Asked ruby about everything. For example, which modern writers inspire her. “To read of some powerful contemporary — it’s contagious. While I’m working on a book, I read contraindicated. Everything that I read, it seems to me to be wildly talented, and everything I write is bad”, — said Rubin.

— How to find your writing highlight?
— I have no raisins, and bread production on an enormous scale. I use stronger spices and drinks. But in General it is not the business of the writer to tell about your raisins…

The perfect recipe for a bestseller or longseller ruby is also not shared, however, this is understandable. “If you were to explain it in the literary Department there is something in the literary Institute someone there, then we did not talk about creativity and divine spark. The exact recipe how to write a bestseller, does not exist.”

— What advice would you give to aspiring writers who are faced with the challenges of publishing his first book?
— I remember an interview with a wonderful writer Leonid Leonov, author of the novel “Russian forest”. “What would you now able to say to young writers?”, — I asked him. His face immediately fell into myself, and Regal voice, he said, “Nothing.” Every writer must pass his way. I have all spun at once. Being a snotty teenager, I sent my little story to the journal “Youth”, it was printed. And I woke up famous. However in the class.

One of the readers wondered how ruby works with the material. How does the writer achieve this depth of penetration into any subject for which she had not taken? “It’s not penetration, it’s an illusion, ‘replied ruby. — The writer creates the illusion of life, destiny and profession”.

A young scholar from China asked ruby what is the relationship between writers and literary critics. “You’ll be the first literary critic, with whom I have excellent relations”, — laughed the writer.

One of the most unexpected questions were about dreams: “do you See dreams? And what’s it all mean for your creativity?”
— An interesting question. In the style of psycho, which I hate. The writer in the work is everything. Dreams, tragedy, love. And all this writer is going through twice — in life and during the writing of the work. I may look not very normal, but like anyone, I dream. And I don’t just see, I have them and interpret. It is very successful. Just don’t come near me now for this, I will sign books, and to interpret dreams will not.

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Dina Rubina: “the Writer can only hear your pulse”