Died writer Anatoly Gladilin

The author of the “Chronicle of times of Victor Podgursky has” passed away at the age of 83 years in France

24 October in the French town of Clamart near Paris at the age of 83 years has died the writer of the sixties Anatoly Gladilin. About this in Facebook wrote journalist Anatoly Kopeikin.

Anatoly Tikhonovich Gladilin was born in 1935 in Moscow, in the years 1954-1958 he studied at the Literary Institute.

Fame Gladilin brought his first novel “the Chronicle of times of Victor Podgursky has” published in 1956 in Yunost magazine.

It was followed by the novel “the Brigantine raises the sails”, “the Story of a loser”, “the Eternal trip”, “the gospel of Robespierre” and other works.

In the 1960s Gladilin spoke in support of the writers Andrei Sinyavsky and Yuly Daniel who were tried for anti-Soviet agitation. After that he himself ceased to print, and in the late 1970-ies he emigrated from the Soviet Union.

Lived in France, worked at the radio stations “Freedom” and “German wave”.

Among the works written by Anatoliy Gladilina in exile, “Paris fair”, “Big race day”, “French Soviet socialist Republic”, “Street of generals”. The last book of the writer, memoir the story “Tigrushka”, was released in 2015.

Nephew of the writer Gladilin Nikita wrote: “my uncle Died. Anatoly Tikhonovich Gladilin. He had to eat early glory (bayut, 300 love letters a day were received, after the release of “Chronicle of times of Victor Podgursky has”), a fierce hatred of official propaganda and undeserved oblivion. He was the originator, and almost the only representative of “melisma” in the literature (by definition of his teacher V. P. Kataev)… living in the past, rejecting literary fashion and not follow new trends in literature, he is already in his declining years has created arisoprodol in plot and writing of “Shadow rider”.

Julia Racheva, literary critic, journalist: “Died Anatoly Gladilin… I loved it later, in the 90s. “I killed the beast Pell” — it was generally something, I laughed so hard, perhaps, but even while reading to the Syndicate by Dina Rubina… In ‘ 93, in my first Paris I was at home, in a modest social apartment. Took Gladilina interview (published in the magazine “New times”, where I then worked). But first he inquired about me and suddenly shouted to his wife: come here, it turns out that Julia was also head of the Department of culture MK! Some time watching him, enjoy his new books. And not only new. The “big race day”, for example, published in “Vagrius” only in 2001, but in “ardice” 15 years before… for some reason Gladilin seemed eternal. But…”