Died Amos Oz

The famous Israeli writer, died at age 79 from cancer

Amos Oz died in Jerusalem. In may next year he would have been 80. According to the newspaper The Jerusalem Post, citing the writer’s daughter, the cause of death was cancer, with which Amos Oz fought for many years.

Oz (real name klauzner) was born 4 may 1939 in Jerusalem to a family of immigrants from Eastern Europe. His father studied history and literature, worked in the library.

Amos studied philosophy and literature at the Hebrew University and at Oxford University. He taught at the school of the kibbutz and the University named after Ben-Gurion in Beersheba.
Be published started in the sixties: the first book, a collection of short stories “where the jackals howl”, was released in 1965.

Participated in armed conflict, which was reflected in his work.

Oz’s books have been translated into nearly forty languages. His 1968 novel “My Michael” included the International publishers Association in the list of the hundred best novels of the twentieth century.

This year became the laureate of Russian award “the Clear glade” in a nomination “Foreign literature”. He came to Moscow to personally receive the award from the hands of Vladimir Tolstoy (stating the importance for him as a writer of the heritage of Tolstoy and Russian literature in General), and gave a public lecture “About Jesus and Judas”.

Amos Oz. Excuse the betrayal

The video of the lecture of Amos oz in Moscow — one of the last public appearances of the writer (with Russian subtitles).