Died, American poet and playwright Ntozake Shang

According to the newspaper “the Star Tribune” at the age of 70 years died, American poet, novelist, innovative playwright and artist Ntozake Shang opened to the world the voices of African American women with their problems, joys and sorrows in the historical play “For colored girls who thought about suicide, when the rainbow is enough”. Written in 1975 and put on Off-Broadway (theaters with a capacity from 100 to 500 people), play the following year was very successful on Broadway, literally turning the theatrical world of America, and has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Tony.

The most famous work of Shang – play “For colored girls” – it created a new dramatic art form, bringing together poetry, music, dance and song, and differs from American and European drama. It includes 20 choreopoem (a term coined by the author) and tells about the life of women of color in the United States. In book form the play was published in 1977. Director Tyler Perry in 2010, adapted it for the silver screen, starring in films was played by Whoopi Goldberg, Thandi Newton, Loretta devine, Janet Jackson, etc.

The author has written other successful plays, including “Spell No. 7” (1979), which was in theaters called “Spell No. 7: a quick guide to magic”, it played by such famous actors as Samuel L. Jackson, Jack Landron, and a modern adaptation of the play Bertolt Brecht’s “Mother Courage and her children”.

Individual poems, essays and stories Shang repeatedly published in numerous magazines and anthologies, including “The Black Scholar”, “Yardbird”, “Ms.”, “Essence Magazine”, “The Chicago Tribune” VIBE, “Daughters of Africa” (“Daughters of Africa”) and “Third-World Women” (“women of the third world”).

Since 2004 the author has had several strokes and a long time was in the hospital, but recently started to recover and resumed literary work.