Denis Dragunsky heard that hero “Deniskiny stories” invented

In Facebook well-known journalist and writer Denis Dragunsky, who was the prototype of the protagonist “Deniskiny stories” of Victor Dragunsky, he accidentally learned that, as it turns out, he does not exist.

Dragoon said on his page in Facebook that during the trip in the “Peregrine” he was pleased to hear the woman read to their son 5-year and 10-year-old story “That I love” from the famous children’s book “Deniskiny stories”. However, before she told them that “actually, no, Denis was not” and “fictional character”. Dragoon upset wrote: “I am confused”.

Immediately in review members of the writer began to offer him to tell the neighbors car, who he really is, in order to correct the injustice. At first, the writer refused, writing: “I think it’s still insensitive and not very relevant,” “Embarrassing, immodest.” However, after much persuasion, 5 minutes before arriving in the capital told the companions about who he is: “the Kids are happy, mom too.” And added: “And I’m stronger than all”.

According to Dragoon, the mother of the boys is very emotional and it was evident in her face, her these stories read in childhood. A senior boy asked “proselytise” with the writer, promising to show a picture of your teacher. And then on the platform said the Dragoon, it was nice to meet you.