Declared the winner of the Prix Goncourt

The award was given to French writer Nicolas Mathieu

40-year-old French writer Nicolas Mathieu was the winner of the main literary award of France for his book “Children after them” (Leurs enfants apres eux). The decision on awarding him the Goncourt prize took the eponymous Academy. It is reported by Le Figaro newspaper.

Action works going on in 1992. It tells about first love, which determines everything. The protagonist of this bitter, stubborn, and wild novel Anthony goes from a fourteen year old teenager in the beginning of the book to twenty young men at the end. By the way, this is only the second book of the author. First novel — “War of animals” (Aux animaux la guerre), was published in 2014.

Goncourt prize awarded in France since 1903. Winners are determined during a formal dinner in a Paris restaurant “Groin” ten critics and writers.

The winners in different years became Maurice Druon, Marcel Proust, Patrick Modiano, and other writers.

The content material of the award is €10, but the award contributes considerably to the commercial success of awarded books. Usually the circulation more than 400-500 thousand copies.

As recorded in the Charter of the Academy Goncourt, the prize is awarded for “creative discovery of the year”. It may be awarded to the author only once in a lifetime. The only exception to this rule was the writer Romain Gary. The first time it was awarded in 1956, and 19 years later he again received the award under the name Emile ajar. This literary hoax was disclosed after the award of the Azhar, in which the writer gave his nephew. The winner of the 2017 was Eric Vuyer Roman “Agenda” (L’ordre du jour). In Russian book was published in October 2018.

7 facts about the Prix Goncourt

Eric Vuyer became the winner of the Prix Goncourt for 2017