Dead Indian poet and novelist Meena Alexander

According to the literary portal Wednesday in new York at the age of 67 years departed this life poet, writer, essayist and scholar Meena Alexander. In 2002 he won a literary award – “the PEN Open Book Award” for poetry collection “Illiterate heart” (“Illiterate heart”). Indian English daily “The Statesman” as he calls it “undoubtedly one of the best poets of our time”.

Alexander was born in 1951 in the Indian Allahabad, up to 5 years grew up in the South Indian state of Kerala, later her family moved to Khartoum – the capital of independent Sudan. At the end of “Unity High School” 13-year-old girl was admitted to Khartoum University where he studied English and French literature and began to write poetry, translated into Arabic and published in the Metropolitan newspaper.

After graduating from University with honors, enrolled in graduate school at Nottingham University and continued studies in England. At the age of 22 years he received his doctorate in English, with a thesis on romanticism, which was later modified and published in book “Poetic I”.

He went to India, he taught for several years at the universities of Delhi and Hyderabad at this time she published her collections of poetry “graceful bird” (1976), “I Root My Name” (1977) and “Without a place” (1978), “Stone roots” (1980). In 1979 she was invited to teach at the University of Paris at the Sorbonne.

Later she moved to new York, becoming a Professor at Fordham University, where he worked until 1987, until he became Professor at hunter College in the English Department. The last time the Professor lived in NY, where he continued to teach at hunter College and the CUNY graduate Centre.

Alexander is known for his lyric poetry is “Illiterate heart” (2002), “Raw silk” (2004), “the Changing river” (2008), “Atmospheric embroidery” (2015), “birthplace with buried stones” (2015). Her poems were printed in “the New Yorker” and the “Harvard Review” and other magazines, many of them were set to music.

Alexander has written many essays and critical works, was also published her novels “Nampally Road” and “Music of Manhattan”. Received numerous awards from the Guggenheim Foundation, Fulbright, Rockefeller Foundation, etc.