Czech Republic is going without “red tape” to return citizenship to the writer Milan Kundera

According to IA Regnum with reference to AMNA, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish speaking in France at the celebrations in honor of the 100th anniversary of the First world war, said that in Prague are considering the possibility of restoration of Czech citizenship of the famous writer Milan Kundera, which he was deprived in 1979.

A babish was noted that he is not known for sure the procedure of restoration of citizenship, however, assured that “red tape” is not expected. Born in 1929 to the prominent Czech writer and playwright, author of the famous novel “the Unbearable lightness of being” is now 89 years old. Milan Kundera now lives in Paris.

After participating in demonstrations and protests during the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Soviet troops in 1968 he was deprived of the opportunity to teach, and also withdrew from the libraries of his books. Published he, too, was banned, and to publish his works, he could only abroad. In 1975 Kundera was invited to teach University of Rennes in French Brittany for the post of Professor. The writer had to leave their country and settled in France.

After 3 years in France, he released a collection of stories and essays “the Book of laughter and forgetting”, in this book the government of Czechoslovakia in 1979 stripped of his citizenship. All subsequent works of the author’s book was banned for publication in Czechoslovakia. Since 1981 Kundera took French citizenship. Written in 1990, the novel “Immortality” was the last book of the writer in the Czech language, after that he began to write in French.

Czech writer, considered a national hero in 2009, he was awarded the title of honorary citizen of the city of Brno where he was born. Periodically, he comes to his native place to meet with friends, but doing it incognito. The writer generally avoids publicity and leads a private life.

In 1985, in an interview with the newspaper “The New York Times” he said that he considered France to be their only homeland.