Contemporary Peruvian poetry in the Library of foreign literature

From 20 November in the marble hall of the Library for foreign literature, the Embassy of Peru in collaboration with the Russian state library for foreign literature named after M. I. Rudomino opened the book-illustrative exhibition, dedicated to contemporary Peruvian poetry.

The exhibition is organized in honor of the 100th anniversary of the publication of “the Black heralds,” the collected poems of césar Vallejo is probably the most significant Peruvian poet of the twentieth century and the most recognized at the global level. His poetic legacy can be attributed to postmodernism the beginning of the XX-th century, but at the same time, his poetry has its own unique style, marked feature of the speech and extreme sensitivity to individual and collective pain.

The exhibition presents photographs, verses and passages from the writings of Cesar Vallejo, Jose Santos Chocano, Javier Araud, Blanca Varela, Nicomedes Santa Cruz, Adan Martin and Gonzalo Rosa.
View as a surrealist, césar Vallejo often used in poetic language, tragic shades to describe human suffering. In its entirety it is this identity reflected in “the Black heralds”, the workbook in which you can say that it is a departure from modernism. Part of the work of césar Vallejo has been translated into Russian language, and among the most famous is “the Black heralds. Trilce. Human poetry.”