Comes dragon

The novel “People of the Black dragon” Alexei Vinokurov was included in the short list of “Big Book”. Michael Wiesel, chief editor of the portal “Year of Literature” talked to Alexey Vinokurov for “RG”.

Vinokourov decided that if we were doing martial arts, it is necessary and Chinese language study. Photo: Sergey Mikheev

“The big book” – how it is important for you?

Alexei Vinokurov: It is important for sense of self, for as you continue writing. And in the case of the “Big book” this recognition as a professional community, determined the finalists, and the General public – not only because of the reader’s vote, but because the stoglav Academy – people are different, but is already a skilled reader. I think that’s the main prize in Russia.

As you could imagine yourself a new reader?

Alexei Vinokourov: Well, usually the most understandable to the General reader nomination is the author of “Dolls”. In the late 90s, I worked on the Kazakhstan television with Bakhyt by Kilibaev – he, in particular, did the videos for “MMM”. Many TV series filmed by my scripts. But the thing of prose. His first mundane thing I published in the journal “Banner” in 1996…

“People of the Black dragon” you think – “Amur tales”?

Alexei Vinokurov: For publication in the “banner” was taken excerpts, and it was necessary to combine these genre pieces. It’s not literally tales – only the beginning there are some fantastic intonation, and then, so to speak, particular. The novel is about people, extended in time and space, even so I identified. I think a global problem: the coexistence of generations, of individuals, of peoples – in this case Russian Jews and Chinese. Now, in my feeling, the world is on a very shaky basis. And the writer looks towards the approaching catastrophe, suggests a magnifying glass and gives you the chance to see something vital. Why lake Baikal is so clean? Because it is small crustaceans, which purify the water. I think writers are by nature close to these crustaceans that what they do serves as a kind of antidote to the amount of darkness, of evil, of chaos, of entropy, which falls in the world. The writer does not necessarily have a solution. But it leads to a sharpness that shows the problem, and when it looks a certain number of people, the problem can be solved.

In modern Russian literature many of the texts in which the scene – some lost, distant corners. And Dmitry Lipskerov “40 years of Changzhou” was that your neighbor in the “Big book” Andrei Filimonov “tadpole and the saints”. What is the reason?

Alexei Vinokurov: In my case it is a pure experiment for the study of human nature. In the city people burdened predetermined circumstances, including civilization. There’s also the village creates almost your eyes first come to the Russian hunters, then the Chinese, the Jews, the Amazons appear… Despite the fantastic assumptions on the Amur river, was a number of such villages, and writer Konstantin Dmitrienko, who is also in the club, even asked me what exactly the village I mean. It to me was nice, but the village is fictional.

You lived a long time in China, you have published a book “the Whole China”. Where’s the interest?

Alexei Vinokurov: a Student I was interested in Chinese philosophy. Then he started doing traditional Chinese martial arts. There are sports when they jump in front of an audience with poles, it’s a little bit more. In traditional Wushu, as our coach, we cultivate human qualities. In my youth I was more conscientious than it is now – believed that if you are doing martial arts and I have a Chinese master, you must teach the Chinese language.

How would you recommend my book to readers?

Alexei Vinokurov: It should just open and start reading.