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At the fair Non/fiction the presentation of this book with the calling, for some, even insulting title “How the Beatles destroyed rock and roll” by Elijah Wald the

The Beatles is pop or rock? This question, if it is set inappropriately, is fraught with some undesirable consequences, such as physical violence: after all, the world order of Beatles fans who believe in the infallibility of the fab four, powerful and numerous. And these guys have long arms… the Rock is good and pop, of course, bad. Therefore, given the conservatism of fans of “the Beatles”, better at them, this question is not seditious voice. I wonder how would react to the statement that the Beatles destroyed rock ‘ n ‘ roll, the legendary Kolya Vasin, wanted, but, alas, never carried out the construction of the Temple of love, peace & music John Lennon? About it unfortunately, we’ll never know. But, you can be sure that provocative statement about “offing the fab four” will not evoke friendly feelings of millions of fans of the Beatles. Although no author is voluminous, a competent motivated work (almost on every page of five or six notes-footnotes) Elijah Wald, nor his ideological supporter of Artem Rondarev, of course, no negative, accusatory conclusions do not. As the saying goes, “nothing personal.”

The main thrust of the lecture Artem Rondarev read on Non/fiction, and the main idea of the book Elijah of the wold are: the Declaration of “protest” authentic jazz and original rock-n-roll. A “protesteth” in turn, is associated with some social, political, ideological, and technical factors of the eras, but not with the peculiarities of the personality of the pop star. And this idea puts the book of Elijah Wald’s “alone” in an endless number of rock-encyclopedias and biographies of idols. For starters Artem Rondarev refuted the myth of the Messianic Elvis Presley allegedly opened the door to a new, wonderful world of rock-n-roll.

“We all know the story – reminded critic, as Elvis was driving his truck on a dusty road and at some point stopped to record a gift album for my mom. According to some, he did this not even in the Studio, but a “booth recording”. And in fact, Elvis at that time every day going to the Studio “Sun Records”, like a job, trying to break out in stars. There it is stupid the whole year recorded the boring country ballads, yet accidentally, in the pause between records, for the sake of leisure, not performed “That’s All Right, Mama”. The song and its artist immediately drew the attention of Studio owner Sam Phillips. But before Elvis became the “king of rock-n-roll” on the big stage already lit performers, “provided” special, rock’n’roll form of music created exclusively for dance. Elvis was not the first.”

Of course, Elvis was not the first, but somehow he “accidentally” drew the attention of producer and head of “Sun Records” Sam Phillips at their rehearsal tunes, for some reason his voice, image and movements have led to the release of adrenaline in the blood of a whole generation. The final point in the question of what actually caused the phenomenon of “the King of rock’ n ‘roll” – the interaction of many objective external circumstances or the influence of subjective features of the person of Elvis – to put not just.

Similarly, it is not easy to accept that “the Beatles” become “gravediggers” rock-n-roll, adapt, adjust, pricesas rock-n-roll under the European academic tradition. In this context, a very interesting photo from the cover of the most fatal, along with the “Back in USSR” (“the White album”) and “Let it be”, album the Beatles – “Abby road”: it is known that many bitlove believe that this picture captured a symbolic funeral procession. In this respect there is a whole theory, on the grounds of which are written almost doctoral dissertation. Do the Beatles, marching with a stride on the road Zebra crossing, buried rock-n-roll? Who knows…

According to Elijah walda and Artem Rondarev, the final nail in the coffin of rock-n-roll became the first in the history of rock (pop) music concept album, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, and the first fatal swallow – song, “Yesterday”, subtly arranged for guitar, voice and string Quartet.

“One day the Beatles included in their repertoire songs with violin, – said Artem Rondarev. – What’s a violin? It is a tool, not having the opportunity to “track” the rhythm. For example, bass guitar, drums, piano, guitar, rhythmic instruments, and the violin forms or harmonic background, or takes the beautiful melody. That is, this tool applies to adult music, not youth rhythmic rock-n-roll.

Adults perceived rock and roll as children’s naughty fun, but suddenly they heard coming from the disc the rock band violin lace.

After that their attitude to this music partly changed.”

That is, at some point there was a kind of reconciliation an adult (the classic “white”) music and adolescent (rhythmic “black”) that supposedly marked the death of rock. Interestingly, in 1968, a year after the “death” rock-n-roll, the Beatles stunned the world with a song “All you need is love”, became the anthem of the Summer of Love. Serious wind players and string players in strict concert costumes, accompanying Bedlam in this composition, seems to be alluding to the “maturity” of the song. But the pacifist essence of the song more provocatively even more devastating than the drive of the original rock ‘ n ‘ roll.

With the album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, the situation is even more complicated. Yes, this record in some sense was a “control shot” in the head with a rock. However, it was and remains the act of the proclamation of the psychedelic era quickly ended, but continued catacomb existence until today. A psychedelic world, as correctly stated in the literature, woven from a variety of drugs, possessing a rich spectrum of properties and qualities. It’s hard to imagine loving, caring parents, rejoicing to listen Chad song “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”, the name of which lurks a hint of LSD — a psychoactive substance that is prohibited by law.

Is it possible to agree that the music of the Beatles after 1967 became an adult, conformist, nerokourou? Possible, but difficult. Especially, consider a progressive infantilization of society – during the “Summer of Love” hippies thirty years was already considered a youth, and today the forty year old hipsters – it is a teenager. Also it is doubtful the convergence of classical music and rock, beyond the authentic standards, in the Beatles and in 1970 he left too provocative, unpredictable, creative, brazen and public-unceremoniously to merge with classical culture. But you can’t argue with the fact that the Beatles in the middle of their joint career has really gone from stamp rock ‘ n ‘ roll, becoming a… to Find the title of what became “the Beatles” is difficult.

From the framework of rock ‘ n ‘ roll they came out, but the rock-n-roll, of course, remained in the hands of the Beatles.

The Beatles — the builders of communism

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