Chilling adventures of Sabrina. Girl ripe

She needs to put my name on it (blood, night, on a dark and more!) in the Book of Satan, to say goodbye to the old life (school, boyfriend, friends) and move to the invisible Academy of the arts. And all because she is a descendant of the high priest of the Church of Darkness, that is a witch. However, Sabrina Spellman has his own plan, and she wants to sit on two chairs: to be a student of the school Baxter, save super powers, learn magic and trick of the Dark Lord. Slick, right? But it is such a clever girl became the heroine of the new series Netflix released this fall on the eve of Halloween. Today, this mystical drama is a guest of our column “Book vs movie”.

Two incarnations of one heroine

Why “the Book vs the movie”? Because Sabrina was born in graphic novel October 1962, the year, released the publisher Archie Comics (oriented readers-teenagers). The first television incarnation of the comic book debuted in 1996-m to year – in the sitcom “Sabrina, the teenage witch”. However, the product Netflix is based on a relatively new series-a spin-off called, “the Chilling adventures of Sabrina”, which was launched in October 2014. Of course – before Halloween, which, moreover, is the birthday of the eponymous heroine.

Rose blood moon

And then came this ominous date, Sabrina is 16 years old, to heaven ascends the blood moon (lunar Eclipse). It is in this midnight hour bad school girl needs to put the point in his usual biographies and start with a clean (no, not blood) of the sheet, now as a full member of the witch coven. At the last moment shivering cold in naked Sabrina realizes that from now on will implicitly obey the will of the Lord of Darkness (so-called florid minions of the devil), refuses to sign and skedaddle with the ceremony under the canopy of saving his home. Aunt Zelda and Hilda, of course, unhappy with this development: the wrath of the unclean may be too strong, but most of all indignant Director of the Academy and the current high priest Blackwood. It will intrigue and encourage miss Spellman other students to return the lost soul to the bosom of the Dark Church.

Stra-a-course asno, much horror!

Do not look for too many similarities with the already mentioned Comedy series, although aunts-witches are the same names as the Central character, and even the familiar (animal companion and assistant of each witch) Sabrina – black cat named seylem. In the new show darker (starting with scary titles and colors). My aunt owned a mortuary, so that there will be dead bodies and autopsies, and dreams of meals with human flesh, and cruel rites, and terrible traditions, and possessed of demons, and curses, and spells, and nightmares, prisoner to which will get Sabrina and her family.

Madam Satan

In order to guide a girl on a desired track, it sent the mother of demons Lilith (or Madame Satan), it is strange that Sabrina doesn’t feel cheated, because just look at this “teacher”, you know right away witch witch! The role of the loyal assistant of the Lord of Darkness is played by Scottish actress with obvious mixing of blood (just listen to her name: Michelle Mae Romney Marches Anthony Gomez). Digging in the biography of the singer, we found out that she played in the TV series “Doctor Who” (interesting) and married to the star of the Thriller “the Talented Mr. Ripley” (surprisingly).

Sweet Harvey: with a “double bottom”

Sabrina’s boyfriend, a cute guy Harvey, who has no slightest desire to continue mining dynasty, tells how teen aggressive POPs, depicts the 22-year-old actor Ross Lynch (he’s a singer, guitarist, model, represented Dolce & Gabbana clothing). About his character we can say one thing: cute (though Harvey has his own secrets). However, he favorably contrasts with “dark” characters, and the Lynch copes well with the role in which many dramatic and even tragic moments.

The leader of the wyrd sisters and the high priest

One of the brightest “dark” (sorry for the oxymoron) – student of Academy of prudence knight (Gabriel Tati), which bosses at the Trinity orphans, “wyrd sisters” (prudence, agate and Dorcas). They all hate Sabrina (because the mother was a mortal woman), and torturing the most sophisticated methods, but prudence sometimes have the sense and prudence to use the kindness of brahini and create a temporary Alliance.

The high priest with “speaking” name Faustas Blackwood – one of the main schemers and antagonists of the series. He sleeps and sees how to “crack” this a tough nut to crack, Sabrina, and lure her to their side (for some reason it is on this witch-blood Satan has special plans). However, Blackwood is not alien to anything human: he is waiting for the birth of an heir, that does not prevent him to engage in an affair with a vending witch. The role of the Blackwood takes the Englishman Richard Coyle (“Prince of Persia”, “Skull and bones”).

Oh, those aunts!

Harizmatichnyi characters of the series – aunt Zelda (the older, the dominant in the Duo) and good-natured fat lady Hilda, collecting medicinal and “magical” herbs and adoring to brew useful potions. The role of Zelda’s got the Aussie Miranda Otto (eowyn in “the Lord of the rings”), and Hilda became British Lucy Davis (“Wonder woman”). Both sisters many facets, skills, and character traits that are revealed as the story progresses. Third cousin Sabrina’s living in the same house, is under arrest the sorcerer Ambrose (chans Perdomo). The guy once made a failed attack (wanted to destroy the Vatican), for which the rap so far.

Between two fires

19-year-old Kiernan SHIPKA became famous playing the role of little Sally daughter of the protagonist of “Mad men” (the prize “Young Hollywood”). Then she became another daughter double Oscar-winner Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) in the mini-series (anthology) Murphy “Feud”. And now tried on retro outfits Sabrina. By the way, to understand exactly what is on the screen year not possible: in the prologue, the characters watch the film “night of the living dead” (1968), the situation in the house Spellman antique, the TV characters are not “plasma” but then suddenly someone says about SMS. But back to SHIPKA and her Sabrina! The heroine of “the storm”: she doesn’t want to lose a “normal” life, love Harvey, but, on the other hand, needs to protect families from the attacks of the members of the magical community. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to compromise. Kirnan looks young and fresh, and she plays great, so against such a choice of the actress and nothing to argue.

We have the only claim to the renewed “Sabrina”: the cat seylem lost its charm. Not the ones in the sitcom and slashed. There his arguments, comments, and plans to seize the world was very funny (because it was turned into an animal a warlock with large claims), whereas the familiar heroine of SHIPKA keeps mum.

To sum the intermediate results!

So, the first part of the season behind us, the second show in early April, 2019 (plus a special episode in mid-December, 2018). Amused read before watching the review: critic, on what light costs, abused the series, in particular, accusing him of some “toothless” and excessive adherence to feminist tendencies. I do not agree! After all, the words of reproach strong floor most often fall from the lips of the wily witches and do not sound very convincing, and the fact that one of her friends Sabrina prefers men’s clothes, does not play a very key role. Well, the school girl’s club – this surprise anyone! That critic clearly wanted to show off and stand out from the “total weight”: aggregator of reviews from atmospheric series 90% positive feedback and a magic rating of 7.7!