Ceramic tiles in the interior: modern popular trends

Ceramic tile is an excellent option for finishing the ceiling and walls in areas with a special microclimate. Modern material is presented in a huge range in DIY stores, allowing everyone to choose for themselves the material with the desired surface ornamentation, texture.

Ceramic tile not only has an attractive appearance, it has also other properties, for which it is valued consumers: easy care, hypoallergenic and hygiene, durability, stylish looks, practicality, Flammability, conductivity.

A finishing material such as not deformed during transport and even prolonged storage. With proper laying of floor coating can last up to 50 years, if you are using tiles for the walls, this figure may be even higher. It does not support the combustion process, which is very important in the event of a fire and does not emit when exposed to high temperatures hazardous substances.

The material is suitable for surface areas frequently and gets a lot of sunlight, because the UV light cannot degrade or technical characteristics of the material, nor its appearance. Many people choose this option finish for simple care, because almost any contamination from ceramic tiles can be removed with a damp sponge.

On the market you can find several types of tile for decoration: majolica, Cotto, clinker, porcelain tile and porcelain tile. As a floor covering in many cases using porcelain tile, which has high strength characteristics. Another option for the floor is brick. This tile does not absorb moisture, easy to clean and resistant to abrasion. A good option for the walls in the hallway, the kitchen and bathroom is majolica, which is not afraid of the impact of acids, alkalis and moisture.

Manufacturers produce tiles for floors and walls in a variety of color options, with pattern or without. A huge amount of finishing material which allows everyone to choose a cover that will be ideal for the planned style of the room space. Interesting solution in the interior can be tile that imitates other materials such as natural stone, leather or wood.

When choosing tiles it is not enough to pay attention to the shape of the tiles, their size and color. It is important to examine the characteristics of each vending material. Particular attention is drawn to the country of origin, size and grade, batch, calibre and tone. If one pack is not enough, you need to ensure that all packages had the same information, it will help to avoid trouble when the tiles from different packages differ slightly in color.