Bookstore “Moscow” celebrates 60 years

By the anniversary the store “Moscow” has prepared an exhibition “the Person reading”. This exhibition “knigodrom”, which many years collecting General Director of the store Marina Kamenev. The name “negorci” gave the store a famous children’s poet Andrei Usachev. Three years ago these figures Marina Kamenev showed in the Russian state children’s library. There’s something Usachev, seeing the figures, called them “snegurka”. Because each of them brought from all over the world – with a book! The most valuable items from the Meissen porcelain, wood, lamps, inkwells, plates, dolls, hand-made to order specifically for Marina Kameneva, the figures with the books donated by the famous hotel “Moscow”, a collection of bookmarks, picture books and much more… About his collection Marina Nilovna said “RG”.

Photo: Stoyan Vasev/TASS

Why you suddenly decided to assemble a collection of “My favorite readers”?

Marina Kamenev: the First figure there is a very prosaic: I brought her from London when I was there at the book fair. Saw porcelain figurine reading girls and could not pass up. I did not know that it later will result in the whole collection. Since then, of all the trips brought the figures with the book. And they have long been kept in my house. Somehow I decided that it is wrong to admire such beauty one. Need to share this joy with friends and colleagues, carried them into his office. And then it began…

All were brought to give the figures of the “readers”?

Marina Kamenev: It Is. Friends, partners, colleagues brought to me from around the world – from European countries, Nepal, USA, China, and enthusiastically continue to look for me, ” readers.” Therefore, it is very warm and soulful collection. And I myself was really fond of collecting. However, serious collectors collect rarities, some specific direction. I have a collection of completely democratic. It has everything from Antiques to figures from chocolate eggs. They all get along and absolutely not fighting. By the way, for the first time this collection can be belovedest, when we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the bookstore “Moscow”, and not just anywhere, but in the Tretyakov gallery the exhibition “Homo legens – person reading”.

Do you have personal favorites in the collection?

Marina Kamenev: most of all I love musical clown. He’s energetic: singing, leg swings and head turns. Sitting here next to me and when I’m sad, I always turn it on.

And rarities, is quite without them?

Marina Kamenev: the main, a true historical value. I was wandering around a flea market in Paris and saw something like a bedside table with folios… it Turned out to be a piece of furniture of the XVIII century, a rare instance – a bedside commode, nicely “decorated” under the Cabinet with books. Professional antique dealers said that, of course, heard about this, but I see for the first time.

Surely you have and figures with an unusual history.

Marina Kamenev: Of Course! For example, carved wooden don Quixote and Sancho Panza, the author’s work of the 1960-ies from Spain. We sat at the table with a big company and seeing a few famous literary characters, well-known sculptor, people’s artist of Russia Georgy Frangulyan said, “What injustice, why only the don Quixote reads?!” And then, taking a normal table knife, “added” book and Sancho Panza.

By the way

TOP 5 best-selling now of books in the store “Moscow”:

1. Victor Pelevin. “The secret views of mount Fuji”.
2. Dina Rubina. “Rowan wedge. Napoleon train”.
3. Mark Manson. “The subtle art of not giving a damn”.
4. Yuval Noah Harari. “Homo Deus.A brief history of the future”.
5. Guzel Yakhina “my Children”.