Books by autumn mood

Something to read in the fall? We found 10 atmospheric books that will not want to leave until December.

In them and about the terrible, and about funny, and about the bright sadness of the annual decay, and about the immortal hope of a new spring. When leaving the house don’t want, and I want immediately go to a warm country Podoleanu, get to travel any of these books – you will not regret it.

“Five quarters of the orange” by Joanne Harris

The novels of Joanne Harris are always soulful and delicious, and “Five quarters of the orange” is no exception.

The main character returns to his village half a century later after she left. She buys a house that once belonged to her family, and immersed in a comfortable provincial life with the freshest fruits, cream and white sun dawn, and in heavy memories of the years of the Second world war, when she was a girl. The heroine tries to decode the notebook mother’s recipe, which she led during the Nazi occupation. Painful memories and a dark skeleton in the closet poison so attractive initially, rural pastoral…


“Summer, goodbye” by ray Bradbury

Aching heart-the sequel to “dandelion Wine”, “Summer farewell” is loved by all fans of Bradbury. This book is a novel about the inevitability of growing up, that the summer passes and that generation of people shared not only age.

“A tree grows in Brooklyn” Betty Smith

“A tree grows in Brooklyn” is amazing and fine prose about the diversity of human characters and about what a hard but beautiful life can be.

Francie Nolan sees the world not the same as others: she notices the good and the bad, knows that life is full of injustice, but good people. The girl goes every day to the library for a new book and reads it sitting on the fire balcony in the shade of a huge tree. And almost everyone thinks its weird. The life of the family Francie complicated, but the Nolan house full of love.

September Rosamund Pilcher

Verena Steynton decides to have a celebration on the occasion of the age of his daughter. Guests will be many, and it gives the author an opportunity to tell the story of each of them. No cost and no family secrets… In “September,” one of his most popular novels, which is set in picturesque Scotland, Rosamund Pilcher acts as a master of landscape and connoisseur of the human soul.

“The thirteenth tale” Diane Setterfield

Margaret Lee, the heroine of the Gothic novel “the thirteenth tale” Diane Setterfield, not without reason called “the new Jane Eyre”. A quiet unassuming lady spent my childhood in a second-hand shop of his father, lived by the books, breathing the dusty air and, as usual, dreamed a lot.

Read does not disappear, and neatly stored on the shelves of the mind. So when Margaret is faced with an unusual mystery, lady winter, she quickly figured out what was happening.


“Simply together” Anna gavalda

The books of Anna gavalda translated into 36 languages, but in our country love her special love. Called “a new françoise Sagan” and proud great-grandmother of the writer, a native of Russia. Gavalda reciprocates, saying that he would like to age the caretaker of the Hermitage. “Just together” is a very flat story on friendship and love, the main advantage of which – in this very simplicity. “Just to be together. And it’s hard, very hard, not only schizophrenics and Holy fool. All hard to open up, to trust, to give, to reckon, to tolerate, to understand.”


“Welcome to the world, Baby,” Fannie Flagg

“Welcome to the world, Baby” – branded “candy” suburbs Fannie Flagg up in a huge confrontation with a ruthless city.

Plot: once there was a tiny cozy town of Elmwood springs charming little girl, whom everyone called Baby girl. But one day the Little girl along with her mother had to leave, and the reasons for their escape remained unclear. After almost thirty years of beautiful and clever Dan makes a rapid career in television, a little more, and she will be a woman’s face in all of American TV. But for a brilliant career and a resounding success hides all the same frightened girl, nicknamed Baby, and tragic secrets of the past still haunt her.


“In late November” by Tove Jansson

“At the end of November” – the most piercing, light, sad, philosophical tale of a series about the Moomin trolls.

The summer passed, and winter is not far off. A sniff, as usual, goes on a journey. But somehow this time he can not without regrets you leave the Valley, and the legs themselves carry him back. But what is more surprising, at the same time, many friends and acquaintances Moomin family suddenly decide to pay a visit to the Moomin house. And here on the porch again illuminates the warm light of a kerosene lamp, but it is so good to have autumn evenings…


“The girl who read in the subway” Christine Feret-Fleury

“The girl who read in the subway” is a simple story in the spirit of Amelie, a book without explosions, chases, and murders.

Lonely dreamer Juliette every day in the morning, reading in the subway and looking at their reading companions. One day she decides to go to work the other way. Remarking on the deserted street sign “Books without borders” and the gate, in which is inserted a book, she could not help enters and finds himself in a strange house, literally filled with books. Master, as if coming from other times, it turns out, collects books to give to their people, familiar and unfamiliar. But this is no ordinary bookcrossing: it is important to give people exactly the book that can decide his fate. Juliette joins the game, and her life, before dull and monotonous, filled with unusual adventures.


“Lies haze on the old stage” Alexander Chudakova

“Lies haze on the old stage”, how in his time author Alexander Chudakov, “Roman idyll”. The book is about what, it turns out, is actually the true color of the nation. The color of the nation – here it is, in a village hut, can do everything: and Tolstoy and Chekhov to read out loud, and belts to fabricate. Grandmother copes with the exquisite table setting, but do not avoid washing floors, furnace kindling and milking cows. This family still living either in provincial or Kabacinski in the capital. The main thing – inside. No wonder this book gave the “Russian Booker” of the decade. It really is worth it.